In line with the new National Rail Contract that AWC has entered in to with the DfT, as a business we are required to operate within the rules and processes outlined in the UK government’s Utilities Contract Regulations (2016), or any successor legislation as may be implemented from time to time.

Below you will find details of the currently active tenders that AWC’s Procurement team are operating, and how to submit a bid for these requirements.

Projects Pipeline

Delay Compensation Table
Project Title Stakeholder (Directorate) - Category Area Estimated Contract Value (Lifetime) Indicative Notice Launch Indicative Contract Award Date Contract Duration
AWC: FirstRail Minor Works Contract
Property & Facilities Management £1,000K 01/10/2021 23/02/2024 36
UCR - Hitachi Trolley's Commercial £450K 09/01/2023 15/03/2024 36
AWC: FirstRail Major Works Contract Property & Facilities Management £2,000K 01/05/2023 18/04/2024 36
FM Stations £2,000K 21/08/2023
26/07/2024 48
Waste Management Stations £800K 01/10/2023 31/08/2024 36
Office Supplies Corporate Services £300K 10/09/2023 01/09/2024 36
Property Construction Consultancy Framework 2024 Projects £2,000K 01/11/2023 06/09/2024 36
Car park Maintenance Stations £882K 01/07/2023 30/09/2024 36
Wifi ( Maclaren)   IT  £638k 01/07/2023   30/10/2024 36 
Provision of Rail Estate Gas Supply (Mains Gas) (July 25 Onwards)   Environment £2.943K  01/07/2024  01/07/2025 36 
 Supply Of Non-EC4T Electricity To The Estate (FGH - Rail Consortium) Environment  £8,900K  04/01/2024   30/09/2025 36