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As of 8 December 2019, we took over from Virgin Trains to deliver a cleaner, greener railway that drives the West Coast forward.

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What's In Store

As of December 8, 2019, Avanti West Coast have taken over the service from Virgin Trains.

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West Coast Partnership

The West Coast Partnership owned by First Trenitalia, a joint venture between FirstGroup and Trenitalia.

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Avanti Business

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March Newsletter

Your March update from Avanti West Coast 

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What you need to know about us...

The West Coast Mainline is Britain’s premier long-distance railway, linking together towns and major cities to create a vital economic artery for the UK. But for us, that’s just the start.

We’re on a mission to run a railway that generates prosperity and pride, right across the nation. We’re creating an iconic railway the country can be proud of, with shining customer service to boot.

We have the chance to reimagine railways for a new generation, but only because we’re building on what came before us. We’re holding onto everything that customers loved about the Virgin Trains West Coast service, and taking it to the next level with a few innovations of our own.

As we set off for the West Coast, we’re honoured to have the chance to shape history, with a revolutionary railway for our customers and stakeholders.

A pioneering partnership

Avanti West Coast is part of the West Coast Partnership owned by First Trenitalia, a joint venture between FirstGroup and Trenitalia. We’ll be travelling the length of the country over the coming years, and we couldn’t be prouder to be setting off on the journey together.

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