Top 5 family train holidays in the UK

Brits have got so used to jetting to Europe that we forget the attractions closer by. Here are 5 must-visit family destinations that are reachable by train.


For generations, a family holiday in the UK has meant loading up the car and heading off to the seaside, an inland beauty spot or one of the great cities that dot the islands. But for even longer, those same journeys have been made by train – and it’s time to big up the railway as a way to get away once more.

Why get the train? Well, for a start, it’s a greener way to travel, and that alone should appeal to families. But it’s also much more relaxing – no sitting in squashed-up seats for hours on end, waiting in queues or dodging traffic. The moment you sit down on the train, the holiday has started – even if that means everyone staring at their screens while they take advantage of the onboard WiFi.

There are no parking fees to pay or spaces to find – the train takes you straight into the city centre or the heart of the resort, and you can start enjoying it straight away. And with so many ways to save, including group booking and family tickets, it doesn’t even have to cost much if you travel off-peak.

So where are you going on your family weekend away? There are some great ideas for cheap family breaks in England, Scotland and Wales that remind us all what a fun, exciting and beautiful nation we live in. Here are our top five UK weekend breaks where you can take the train with ease.


1. London

Undoubtedly one of the world’s great cities, London is well known as a centre of commerce, government and culture. But don’t forget that it’s got a host of amazing family attractions, too. From the fascinating draw of Madame Tussauds to the dizzy heights of the London Eye (or the dizzier heights of the Shard), it’s easy to plan family weekend breaks in the capital. You can spend it learning about the history of the capital or just having great family fun and eating at fun places. And did we mention there’s a zoo, too?

Going by train is the natural way to do it. London’s roads are notoriously congested, and you’ll have to pay a charge anyway, so get the train and a Visitor Oyster Card and you’ll have the run of the city for as long as you want.

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2. Blackpool

If you’ve got kids who love thrill rides, amusement arcade games, sandcastles, entertainment and all the ice cream and candy floss they can eat, you really can’t go wrong with Blackpool, the North West’s most exciting resort.

The world-famous Pleasure Beach has record-breaking white knuckle rides galore, alongside some gentler rides for those who can’t quite take the heat. Blackpool is also home to the Tower Ballroom, a Strictly Come Dancing staple. And no trip to Blackpool is complete without a visit to the top of the Tower , and the piers and Winter Gardens , of course. And did we mention the zoo ? In short, if you’re looking for fun-filled family breaks in England, there are few places like Blackpool to guarantee smiles and very satisfied kids.

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