Find Your Lost Property

Need a hand finding your lost items? From left luggage to forgotten teddies, we'll do our absolute best to reunite you with them again.

Left something behind? Don’t abandon hope just yet. We’re here to help reunite you with your missing belongings – from treasured toys to shopping bags.

What we need to know

We’ll need some details before we can start to track down your lost property. Have these to hand when you get in touch to give us the best chance of getting your items back to you quickly:

  • Where were you travelling to (and from)?
  • What date and time did you travel?
  • How can we identify your item?
  • What are your contact details, including your address?

What to do when…

You're still on a train

Great, you’ve noticed quickly. Now tell a member of the on-board crew what you’ve lost. The train manager or customer service assistant are your best bet – you’re likely to find them in Coach C or in First Class. Our team will contact the stations or trains where your item could have been lost to see if it’s been handed in.

You're still at the station

Find an Information Point or head to the ticket office. The team there will check our lost property database, call other stations and even phone the manager of the train you travelled on. With any luck, you’ll have tracked it down before you leave.

After you've left the station

Where did your train terminate?

London Euston, Birmingham New Street, Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly, Glasgow Central or Edinburgh Waverley

These stations are managed by Network Rail and have a dedicated lost property service. You can contact them using an online form or by calling 0330 024 0215If your item is there, they’ll keep it safe at the left luggage/excess baggage office. You’ll need to pay a small handling fee when you claim it. 

Any other station

To contact lost property at any other station, call 0345 528 0253. Stations are busy places and it can often take a few weeks for items to be found and make their way to our lost property depot, so don’t lose hope it if it’s not there straight away. 

Your lost property checklist

1. Where does my lost item go if I left it on a train?

We’ll leave any lost items at the station the train terminates at. Unless another customer finds your item first and hands it in at a different location.

2. What if I left my item on a train run by a different company?

Each operator handles lost property independently, so you’ll need to contact the operator of the service you were travelling on. You can find their contact details on the National Rail website.

3. You told me my item hadn’t been found. How long should wait before I check again?

We aim to get in touch with an item’s owner as soon as it’s found. If you haven’t heard from us after seven working days, feel free to call us for an update – there’s always a chance that extra check will make the difference. Anything that’s unclaimed after four weeks is transferred to a central lost property depot for three months.

4. Is there a charge for sending my item back to me?

If you’d like us to courier your item to a specific location, we may charge you a fee. But it depends on the item.