Onboard Entertainment

Avanti Media is our free, bore-busting on-board entertainment. Enjoy blockbuster movies, TV shows, games and more whenever you travel with us.

Onboard entertainment from Avanti Media 

Banish boredom for good with box-office hits, box set favourites, great reads, and daily newspapers, all streamed to your device through our free on-board entertainment service, Avanti Media.

With top titles like Bohemian Rhapsody and Dead Pool 2 to kids favourites Thomas and Friends and Welcome to Monster High, we've got something for the whole family to enjoy. Making a shorter trip? Head on over to our box sets and settle into an episode or two of Friends, Fresh prince or the Golden Globe winning Breaking Bad. 

How it works

1. Climb aboard

Avanti Media is only available on board our trains. So wait until you get on to start watching.

2. Get online

Select Avanti_FREE_WiFi in your settings and follow the instructions to connect to WiFi.  

3. Enjoy

Head to avantimedia.uk or the Avanti West Coast App, under the 'TV' section and start watching.

Download the Avanti West Coast app

You can also connect via the new Avanti West Coast app, available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Download via the buttons below.

Get it on Google Play

It’s free to access Avanti Media, so you won’t need to fill in any payment details. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show.