Capture Crewe

We'd like to invite our community to Capture Crewe through a lens and share experiences of 2020, helping to raise money for Railway Children.

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Created by the Avanti West Coast team
Published 2 June 2020

What is Capture Crewe?

We’re asking customers and the people of Crewe to share photos and a supporting statement which captures our local spirit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether it’s clapping for carers, waving through windows or supporting our neighbours – this year has brought out the best in community. Our fantastic team at Crewe have recorded Crewe-life during 2020 in a book which is being auctioned at Rail Aid , and this is the opportunity for our Crewe community to get involved and raise a little more. We’d love to see what you’ve experienced; whether it’s making a difference to those in need, taking up a new hobby or enjoying the simple things – we hope to chronicle Crewe’s story and remind others they’re not alone.

Crewe Station

What is the Charity?

Rail Aid is a fundraising initiative set up to help Railway Children give life-changing support to children living on the streets in the UK, India and Africa. This brand-new fundraiser is a collective effort of UK rail companies uniting to raise the money that’s so desperately needed.

What we’ll do with the entries.

As part of Rail Aid, chosen entries will be displayed at Crewe station to raise money for the international charity Railway Children which is based just down the road in Cheshire.

We’d also like to share some of these stories on our social media channels to connect with our followers, customers and communities and highlight that we’re all in this together.

If you’d like to take part, then simply submit your image and up to 100 words which help tell your story. Entries will then be reviewed by a panel and selected for display at Crewe station, or used as content on our social media channels.

How to get involved.

Capture Crewe form
Entries must be submitted online by 23:59 on 27 November 2020, along with a paragraph of no more than 100 words. To help select your image, we’ve added a snapshot of our photography guidelines below. They’re not a set of hard and fast rules, but might help you out. Although it’s not a requirement for entry, we’d also encourage you to make a donation when submitting your entry. It’ll go a long way…

Make a donation

Our photography guidelines:

  • When selecting artworks which encompass Avanti West Coast communities, we should consider the stories from each place. Our art pieces should portray stories which capture moments and people from our local areas, contemporary or historic. We want to capture local community heroes, showcasing their story and the importance of them to the local community.
  • The stories depicted should be overall positive, they could have an underlying British wit but not veer into obvious, cheesy or bold humour.
  • For photography, colours should feel rich and natural. It shouldn’t be over saturated or be in black and white.
  • We love photography which captures moments in people’s lives – it should feel candid, real and unexpected.
We hope that helps, and good luck!

Capture Crewe form