Mums To Be - Travelling While Pregnant

Travelling while pregnant can be hard, that's why Avanti West coast will do everything in our power to make the journey smooth for you. read how here.

Travelling for two

Long journeys can be tough on expectant mums, so we’d like to help make them as comfortable as possible. If you’re pregnant and you’re travelling with Avanti West Coast trains, let someone from our station team know before you board the train and we’ll do everything we can to get you a seat for the journey. Failing that, you can also speak to the train manager on board. 

Here to help

Whether you’re a mum-to-be or you’re very much in the middle of being a mum, our on-board team are always on hand to give you any assistance you might need on your journey.  

If you’re under 20 weeks pregnant, be sure to let us know when you board the train and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable.

Our Mum-to-be Pass

If you’re 20+ weeks pregnant and a regular on Avanti West Coast trains, it might feel like a hassle to seek out a member of staff every time you travel. In that case, head to one of our Ticket Offices before you board and grab one of our Mum-to-be passes. It guarantees you a seat any time you take one of our trains. 

Mum-to-be upgrades

Our Mum-to-be pregnancy pass is absolutely free, and if there are no seats available in Standard Class, you may even get boosted up to First Class. If you’re travelling on a particularly busy train, we can also help get you on board at a quiet spot. Just ask a member of our station team before you travel.

Step 1

Download and fill out our Mums-to-be form or pick one up at an Avanti West Coast Ticket Office.


Step 2

Drop your completed form off at one of our ticket offices along with a passport photo and MAT B1 form. This will get you a photocard and a signed Mum-to-be Pass.

Step 3

You’re all set. Whenever you’re on-board, simply show the Train Manager your Mum-to-be Pass, along with your National Rail Photocard and your ticket, and you’ll be well looked after.


Mums to be upgrades

Download and fill out our Mums-to-be form.

Download now