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From Senior Railcards to Family Railcards, there's a different kind of Railcard for everyone.

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What is a Railcard?

A Railcard is a personalised pass that gives you discounts on your train travel. When buying tickets at the station or on the train, you show the pass to the seller and your discount will be applied. If you’re buying online or over the phone, you’ll just need to share your card details to get the discount. You can download a digital card too, which is a kind of pass that sits in your Avanti app, so you can’t lose it. Even if you break or lose your phone, you’ll be able to re-install it when you get a new one.

Why should I get a Railcard?

The simplest reason is that you save money! For a one-off fee, you’ll get discounts for every valid journey. Most cards cost £30 per year and save you one third off the fare, so you could break even after buying two tickets worth £45 as you’d save £15 each time – any journeys after that and you’ll start saving money. They’re available for young people, over-59s, certain groups, HM forces, disabled people, students and jobseekers, so millions of people qualify.

Which Railcard is right for you?

Millions of people in the UK qualify for a Railcard, and if you travel a lot by train, it’s almost certain that it’ll help you save money. That’s because it gives you discounts on travel all year round, and for some people, that’s as much as 50% off!

Some Railcards are available to people of certain ages (16–17, 16–25, 26–30 and 60+), while other people qualify because of disability, being in HM Forces (or being their spouse), or being on Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit. There are also regional Railcards for various parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

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Buy railcards online

How to buy and use a digital Railcard

It couldn’t be easier to buy your Railcard, and if you choose to have it delivered as a digital download you can start using it to book trains and make great savings straightaway. You just need to choose what type of Railcard you’d like and enter your details. You’ll need a passport-style photo to use, and you may be required to verify your identity.

Once you’ve bought your Railcard, you can use the digital version straightaway. When booking tickets, just add your Railcard to see prices with your discount applied. Remember to keep your Railcard on you when you travel, otherwise your ticket will become invalid.

Our Popular Railcards

Age specific railcards

16-17 Saverexternal link icon black

  • For those aged 16-17
  • One-off payment of £30
  • 50% off most rail fares including season tickets
  • Valid for one year or until you reach your 18th birthday, whichever comes first
Learn more about the 16-17 Saver >

16-25 Railcardexternal link icon

  • For 16-25-year-olds
  • Also available to full-time students aged over 25
  • Save ⅓ off rail fares
  • Get a 1-year card for £30
  • Get a 3-year card for £70
Learn more about the 16-25 Railcard >

26-30 Railcardexternal link icon

  • For 26-30-year-olds, inclusive
  • Get ⅓ off rail fares
  • Just £30 per year
  • Or £70 for three years
  • Digital Railcard so you’ll never lose it
Learn more about the 26-30 Railcard >

Senior Railcardexternal link icon

  • For people aged 60+
  • Get ⅓ off rail fares
  • Just £30 per year
  • Or £70 for three years
Learn more about the Senior Railcard >

Groups Railcards

Friends & Family Railcardexternal link icon

  • For up to 4 adults and up to 4 children aged 5-15 travelling together
  • Save ⅓ on adult fares
  • Save 60% on kids’ fares
  • Only £30 per year, or £70 for 3 years
Learn more about the Friends & Family Railcard >

Two Together Railcardexternal link icon

  • For two named people travelling together
  • Both people should be 16 or over
  • Get ⅓ off rail fares
  • Just £30 per year - just £15 each!
Learn more about the Two Together Railcard >

Other popular railcards

Disabled Persons Railcardexternal link icon

  • 1/3 off rail fares for you and one travel companion
  • Only £20 a year
  • Only available for people whose disabilities make train travel more challenging
Learn more about the Disabled Persons Railcard >

HM Forces Railcardexternal link icon

  • For members of the Regular Forces, Volunteer Reserves or a spouse/civil partner of a member.
  • 1/3 off adult rail fares
  • 60% off child rail fares
  • Only £21 a year
Learn more about the HM Forces Railcard >

Jobcentre Plus Travel

  • Travel for less if you’re on Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit.
  • 50% discount on selected rail tickets
  • Applied to your Oyster Card
Find out more at your local Jobcentre Plus office.

Regional Railcards

South of England

Network Railcardexternal link icon

  • For those travelling in the south-east
  • £30 per year
Learn more about the Network Railcard >

Cotswold Line Railcardexternal link icon

  • 34% off selected tickets between Worcester Foregate Street & Oxford.
  • Railcard cost: £9.95
Learn more about the Cotswold Line Railcard >

Devon & Cornwall Railcardexternal link icon

  • 1/3 off most Standard Off-Peak and Off-Peak Day train tickets across Devon and Cornwall.
  • Railcard cost: £12
Learn more about the Devon & Cornwall Railcard >

North of England

Esk Valley Railcardexternal link icon

  • 1/3 off Adult train fares on Esk Valley Railway between Whitby and Middlesbrough.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Learn more about the Esk Valley Railcard >

Dales Railcardexternal link icon

  • 1/3 off Single and Day Return tickets for those living in selected postcode areas around the Settle-Carlisle line or the Skipton & Carnforth, Carlisle & Brampton or Clitheroe/Whalley areas.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Learn more about the Dales Railcard >


Highland Railcardexternal link icon

  • 50% off local travel for Highland residents in selected postcodes, travelling on selected routes.
  • Railcard cost: £15
Learn more about the Highland Railcard >

Young Scot Nationalexternal link icon

  • 1/3 off most rail fares and 50% off Weekly or Monthly tickets, if you’re aged 16-18.
  • Railcard cost: FREE
Discover the Young Scot National Entitlement Railcard >


Cambrian Railcardexternal link icon

  • At least 1/3 off most Standard tickets on the Cambrian Line.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Learn more about the Cambrian Railcard >

Valleys Senior Railcardexternal link icon

  • 50% off Cheap Day Return Standard fares on the Valley Lines in South Wales for those aged 60 or over.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Discover the Valleys Senior Railcard >

Valleys Student Railcardexternal link icon

  • Up to 26% off all day tickets and 10% off season tickets for students travelling on selected routes across Arriva Trains services in Wales.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Discover the Valleys Student Railcard >

Heart of Wales Railcardexternal link icon

  • At least 34% off all individual fares on the line.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Learn more about the Heart of Wales Railcard >

Pembrokeshire Railcardexternal link icon

  • 34% off local rail travel for residents of Pembrokeshire.
  • Railcard cost: £10
Discover the Pembrokeshire Railcard >
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