Coronavirus - Season ticket refunds

Find all the information you need on Season ticket refunds due to COVID-19.

Season ticket refunds

We’ve made it easier to refund the time left on your Season ticket. 

If you bought your Season ticket directly from us, we can generally give you a refund if there is:
- Seven weeks (or more) left on an annual Season ticket
- Seven days (or more) left on a Season ticket valid between one and ten months
- Three days (or more) left on a weekly Season ticket

Season ticket refund applications will be refunded be from date you surrender your ticket to Avanti West Coast.

We are working hard to ensure your refund requests are processed as quickly as possible with our current average processing time at around 15 days.

Season tickets bought at an Avanti West Coast Station

If you bought your ticket at one of the stations mentioned at the bottom of this page, then we’ll be accepting suitable images of your Season ticket to make the refund. You’ll just need to follow these instructions:

How to void your Season ticket

1. Write ‘COVID-19’ in permanent marker across the face of your ticket, being careful not to cover any information such as date or price.

2. Cut your Season ticket horizontally across the magnetic strip at the rear.

3. Place both parts of your ticket next to each other, clearly showing that the ticket has been cut and voided.

4. Take a picture identifying all the information on the face of your ticket next to your photocard.

5. Complete the form below and send along with the image of your void ticket and photocard.

Please note we will only be accepting refunds for tickets bought at Avanti West Coast Stations that have been voided by following the exact process above.

Please also use the link below if you bought you are looking to refund a station bought Car Park Season ticket.

Station bought Season ticket refund form

When safe to do so, please also post your ticket to the following address:

Avanti West Coast
Tatton House
Westmere Drive
Crewe CW1 6ZD

Season tickets bought online

If you purchased your season ticket online then please fill in the Season ticket refund form below:
Online bought Season ticket refund form
Or contact our call centre on 0345 528 0253.
Please also use the link above if you are looking to refund a Car Park Season ticket bought online.

Calculating your Season ticket refund amount

You can use the National Rail Enquiries Season Ticket calculator to calculate an estimated figure:

Please note the exact amount you receive may vary from the calculator's total depending on final validation of the refund application. For customers with TfGM calculation is different to the standard calculation and therefore the calculator cannot give an accurate estimate of the value of refund.