Dealing With Delays

We want your journey with us to run as smoothly as possible by giving you all the facts you need to deal with delay, we promise to keep you informed.

No one likes being late, especially us. So whether you’re on the way to a big job interview or a family reunion, we always strive to make sure your journey runs on time, and as smoothly as possible. 

When delays are unavoidable, we promise to always keep you informed, take immediate action to fix the cause of the delay and make sure that you’re compensated for the time lost on your journey.

To help make things simple, we’ve pulled together all the facts on late trains so you know exactly what you’re entitled to if and when a delay occurs. 

Our Website

Always check on our website for the latest on any possible delays. Whenever there’s disruption to one of our services, we’ll have all the info you need including what’s happened, the impact it’ll have on your journey, and any other travel options or advice that might help you along the way.

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We have a dedicated social media team who are always on hand to keep our followers updated and answer any queries you may have. Their average response time is under 10 minutes, so they’re a good bet if you’d like answers fast. We also use special hashtags for delay updates.

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During serious delays, our team receives an increased number of messages, but we’ll always get back to you as fast as we can. Promise. 

Let us make it up to you

Sometimes delays are unavoidable, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. To help us show how sorry we are for any disruptions to your travel, we’ve implemented Delay Repay.

Delay Repay

If you’ve been delayed for more than 15 minutes on one of our trains, you’re entitled to compensation. Just visit our Delay Repay page to claim. 

Delay Repay through other sites If you booked tickets on an Avanti West Coast service through another site and your train was delayed, you can still use Delay Repay. Visit the Delay Repay page to claim your compensation. 

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Delays & connections

Whenever there’s a delay, we promise to do everything we can to get you to where you need to be.

If there are major disruptions on your journey, we’ll arrange for you to travel with another train operator or through rail replacement services wherever they’re available. In the event of a delay, check with the team at the station you’re travelling from for more information.

If you have a connection and the delay is our fault, your ticket will always be valid for our next service, and you won’t receive any further charges.

Sometimes we’re unable to run any services at all, often because of extremely bad weather. In these instances, it may also be unsafe to operate road transport. We’ll always try to help you as best we can when this happens, but we may need to issue a “not to travel” notice. That means we cannot guarantee a way for you to travel, so you should not start or continue your journey. In these cases, we’ll inform you of your options (often a refund or a return to your station of origin).

How we deal with delays

Avanti West Coast has a dedicated team which works closely with Network Rail to ensure our railways run on time. We regularly review the plans and procedures we have in place to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

The UK’s rail network is extremely busy, so much so, that on the busiest lines particularly at peak times, things happening out of the ordinary can often lead to delays. These are many causes of delay - from equipment faults to things that are beyond our control, such as extreme weather, vehicles hitting bridges, passengers being taken ill, and people trespassing on the line. When issues arise, we will try to keep services operating as normally as possible, but when there is there’s a concern for safety we may have to slow, or even stop, services until it’s safe to resume. Our team constantly reviews our delay data to work out which delays are preventable, and how we can restore things to normal as quickly as possible to improve our service.

When we experience ongoing delays and cancellations over an extended period of time, our services can be terminated short of their intended destination. Though we plan for such circumstances as thoroughly as we can, this can sometimes result in further cancellations or delays, even after the cause of the original delay has been fixed. But when this happens we’re constantly working away behind the scenes to get our lines open, our people and trains in the right places, and to make sure you can get to where you’re headed as soon as possible.

Our Code of Practice

Avanti West Coast, along with the rest of the rail industry, recognise how important it is that we manage disruptions correctly. Part of this is to provide customers with as much information as possible, and as quickly as possible, about the impact on their journeys so that they can make informed decisions. This is why we all now follow an industry-wide Code of Practice. The main aims of the Code of Practice are to:

 - Offer a quick and accurate reason for delays
 - Give advice on alternative arrangements for onward travel where possible
 - Offer a realistic estimate of the duration of delays
 - Ensure all information channels are updated with relevant information – trains, stations, websites, telephones, social media and news media

You can read the full Code of Practice, along with information from Network Rail on how delays occur and what is being done to minimise them, below:

Approved Internal Code of Practice on Passenger Information During Disruption >
Approved Industry Code of Practice on Passenger Information During Disruption >
Delays explained >
Knock-on delays >
Signal failures explained >

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