Trains to Coventry Transport Museum


Discover Coventry Transport Museum for a day out at one of the largest collections of historical cars in the UK. This captivating destination showcases the rich history and evolution of British transportation.

Perfect for families and history buffs alike, the museum offers education, history, and interactive fun in the heart of Coventry.

How to get to the Coventry Transport Museum

The Coventry Transport Museum is easily accessible by train, with Coventry Station as the nearest railway hub. The station is only a 20-minute walk from the museum, although you can arrive in a little under five minutes if you take a taxi.

If you’re travelling from a major city like Birmingham or London, you can enjoy a comfortable journey that typically takes around an hour. The train ride itself is a pleasant prelude to your museum experience, offering glimpses of the beautiful Midlands countryside.

What to do at Coventry Transport Museum

Secure your Coventry Transport Museum tickets for an interactive journey into the heart of British road transport. With over 250 cars, buses, and commercial vehicles, plus 100 motorcycles and 350 cycles, there's something to impress everyone.

Get up close with classics like the elegant 1935 Daimler Limousine and the sleek 1975 E-Type Jaguar. For thrill-seekers, the Thrust SSC, a real-life record-breaker, is a must-see. The museum also has a unique collection of commercial vehicles, including old lorries and historic Coventry Corporation buses.

The journey extends beyond vehicles. Explore over a million items in the museum's archives including Coventry Transport Museum’s photo collection. You can even witness the evolution of cycling, all the way from the early boneshakers to modern bikes.

The museum also offers interactive exhibits and workshops that are perfect for families, offering an ever-changing roster of activities across the year.

Here, learning about the past is an interactive adventure, making the Coventry Transport Museum an ideal destination for all ages, from history buffs to families looking for an educational and fun day out.

About Coventry Transport Museum

The Coventry Transport Museum opened its doors in 1980. It was born out of necessity when the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum's road transport collection needed more room. Today, it's home to one of the world's finest public vehicle collections and showcases Coventry's extensive transport heritage.

The journey began in 1937 with H.W. 'Sammy' Bartleet's gift of his private cycle collection. In 1952, the museum added motor cars, broadening its scope. Since then, the collection has kept growing. It includes a wide array of vehicles and artefacts, each with its own story.

The public first saw this collection in 1960 at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. By 1980, it found a permanent home in the current museum.

Now, the museum holds motor cars, commercial vehicles, cycles, motorcycles, and more. It also houses a vast archive of automobilia, books, and photographs. These are carefully preserved at the Coventry Archives, highlighting the museum's role in conservation and education.

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