16-17 Railcard: Young Persons Railcard

Discover the 16-17 Saver Railcard with Avanti West Coast & enjoy 50% off rail fares throughout Great Britain for £30. Save on your next journey today!

16-17 Saver Railcard

Get out and start exploring with the 16-17 Saver Railcard which gives you a massive 50% off most rail fares.

All the best gigs, festivals, museums, events and more are now at your fingertips. And best of all, you’ll only pay half the usual ticket price to get to them. So whether you’re deciding where to go to uni, or just looking for a change of scenery, now’s the time to make it happen.

Here’s everything you need to know about the 16-17 Saver Railcard.

How to get a 16-17 Saver Railcard

Visit our Railcard hub buy clicking the button below.

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How much does a 16-17 Saver Railcard cost?

A 16-17 Saver Railcard costs you just £30 and gives you 50% off your train tickets all year round.

  • One-year 16-17 Saver Railcard: £30

Who can use a 16-17 Saver Railcard?

The 16-17 Saver Railcard can be used by anyone aged 16-17.

The Railcard is valid for one year, or until you reach your 18th birthday, whichever comes first.

Where can I buy a 16-17 Saver Railcard?

Head to our Railcard Hub to buy yours today.

Once you’re all signed up, you can start using your Railcard to receive 50% off your train fares.

How to use your 16-17 Saver Railcard

If you’re buying tickets online, select your Railcard from the drop-down menu to receive your discount. Be sure to bring your Railcard with you when you travel, so you can present it on board. If you’re buying your train tickets in person, present your Railcard at the point of sale and we’ll reduce the price for you.

16-17 Saver Railcard renewal

Want to keep enjoying your savings when your Railcard expires? Here’s how to renew:

Can you get a refund on Railcards?

Railcards are non-refundable, but you can get compensation for tickets with Delay Repay, if your train is delayed by 15 minutes or more.

Are there any other Railcards?

There are a number of other Railcards that could help you save on your train fares. 

Here's a selection:



Book direct and collect 2 Nectar points for every £1 you spend. And no booking fees.

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