Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Tickets

Need flexibility and happy to travel at quieter times?

Save money with an Off-Peak ticket.

What are Off-Peak tickets?

If you don’t need to brave the rush hour, Off-Peak tickets were made for you. You’ll save money on the full price fare and have a little more room to stretch out as you’ll avoid the busiest trains. Off-Peak train tickets are perfect for people who aren’t travelling to a tight deadline.

You need to specify a day for your outbound travel, but your return travel can be on any day. First Class is only available on certain routes for Off-Peak travel, and if you want to reserve a seat, you should do so at the time of booking your Off-Peak train ticket.

Save money by travelling during quieter periods.
Perfect if you’re not in a rush - and enjoy:

Semi-flexible travel

Use on any Off-Peak service, including weekend services

Advance booking

Buy on the day or in advance

Single or return travel

And there’s no need to choose a return date - just return within 30 days of your outbound journey

Beat the queues

Avoid rush hour for cheaper fares.

Why brave rush hour if you don’t need to? Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets save you money on the full-price fare and give you a little bit more room to stretch out by avoiding busy commuter times. Perfect if you’re not travelling on a tight deadline.

You can buy Off-Peak tickets at any time.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, try to travel between 10:30 and 14:30 or after 20:00, Monday to Thursday

The weekend begins early for us, so our Off-Peak fares start on Friday* and last throughout the whole weekend. It’s worth watching out for big events like football matches or festivals, as these can be busy times to travel.

You can buy Super Off-Peak tickets at any time.

However, with Avanti, Super Off-Peak is limited to/from Milton Keynes-London Euston** you can buy other operators' tickets on our website still

*Applies to Avanti West Coast services to and from London Euston, but excludes journeys to and from Milton Keynes Central

**Outbound: Monday-Friday NOT FOR arrival in London Euston BEFORE 1300 or departing 1600-1900
Return: Monday-Friday no departure from London Euston BEFORE 1030 & 1600-1900

When are Off-Peak trains?

During the week, Off-Peak travel times fall outside the morning and afternoon rush hours. So, if you don’t need to be at your destination at 9am, you can save money by booking an Off-Peak ticket. It also applies all day on Fridays for customers travelling to and from London Euston*, as well as throughout the weekend on all routes.

*Excluding journeys to/from Milton Keynes Central

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  • Semi-flexible, can be used on any Off-Peak service including any service at weekends
  • Fully refundable for a £10-a-ticket administration fee
  • Single or Return tickets available
  • Buy on the day or in advance of travel
  • No need to pick a return date, just return within 30 days of your outbound journey


  • Seat not guaranteed unless you make a seat reservation. If you want one, request this when you buy your ticket.
  • First Class only available on selected routes
  • Outbound travel must be on a selected day

When can I travel with an Off-Peak return ticket?

Can I get a refund for Off-Peak tickets?

Fare for everyone

If you're travelling on one of our trains, you must have a ticket that's valid for travel on that service. To make it fair for everyone, there are different ticket types available and our team are onboard to help with any queries.

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