Feel good travel with Avanti West Coast - our new TV ad

Here at Avanti West Coast, we’re all about FEEL GOOD TRAVEL.

That means we're determined to make sure every moment of your journey feels good!

There are plenty of reasons to FEEL GOOD about travelling on our trains. From fast and frequent intercity services to the freedom of ordering food and drink from your seat. Our new advert sums up just some of the FEEL GOOD vibes you'll get when choosing to travel with us.

Watch our advert FEEL GOOD TRAVEL below.

Got the FEEL GOOD vibes?

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Discover more about some of the FEEL GOOD factors you’ll experience when travelling with us:

Making a difference with FEEL GOOD TRAVEL

We have a pretty big platform (pun intended) to make a FEEL GOOD difference in our communities, to our customers and for our planet.

That's why we're using Our Responsible Plan to deliver a sustainable railway which benefits everyone.

Sustainability means the world to us, discover more below:

Our communities

We can help make life fairer, safer and better for our communities. 

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Our customers

We’ll deliver a more sustainable operation which works for all our customers. 

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Our planet

We’ll make rail travel greener. All of it, not just A to B. 

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Fancy a FEEL GOOD getaway?

Take a look at our destination blog for inspiration

There are plenty of reasons to smile about FEEL GOOD TRAVEL.

From whizzing past traffic at 125mph, to arriving in the heart of the action without the hassle of driving.

Heading somewhere new? Then leave the map at home and let your mind wander; sit back and watch the world go by, smoothly drifting to your destination without lifting a finger. Try a range of train snacks delivered direct to your seat and switch on free entertainment at the touch of a button. We could go on…

See for yourself and FEEL GOOD by booking your fee-free tickets through our website or app.