Advance Train Tickets

Learn more about Advance Train Tickets, this type of ticket can help you save on train fares. The earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket.

COVID-19 Update: Advance tickets

Due to current timetables being updated more frequently, our Advance fares might not be available as far as 24 and 12 weeks ahead. To make sure you find the best time to book and travel, please check our timetable and corona pages for more information:

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Advance tickets

Save money by booking in advance, right up until an hour before you travel

It pays to think ahead

The earlier you book your train tickets with us, the cheaper they’ll be. You’ll also have more options when it comes to travel times and seats, with best availability starting 24 weeks ahead of travel.

Advance tickets are available for most of our trains. But remember that Advance tickets only apply to a specific route and time, so be sure you can commit to your chosen journey before you book.

That said, we know that plans can change and sometimes it’s hard to pin down your travel that far ahead. So even if you’re only able to buy your tickets on the day, we’ll still make sure you get the best ticket available.

You can buy your tickets online or through the Avanti West Coast app up to an hour before your train leaves the first station of its entire route. So even if you’re booking on the day, you can still get a seat reservation.

Still not sure if our Advance ticket is right for you? Take a look below and weigh up the benefits.


  • Our lowest priced fare option, bookable up to 24 weeks in advance for weekday journeys and 12 weeks in advance for weekends
  • Single ticket, so you can mix-and-match with outbound and return journeys
  • Available on most Avanti West Coast services
  • Available in both First Class and Standard Class
  • Choose from a paper ticket, e-ticket or m-ticket
  • Seat reservation guaranteed


  • Non-refundable
  • Non-flexible (you must travel on your chosen route at the time shown on your ticket)
  • Non-changeable for e-ticket, m-ticket or self-print
  • Limited availability – when they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • No break of journey allowed

Fare for everyone.

If you're travelling on one of our trains,
you must have a ticket that's valid for travel on that service.
To make it fair for everyone, there are different ticket types available
and our team are onboard to help with any queries.

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