Advance Tickets

The earlier you book, the more you save.

What is an Advance ticket?

An Advance ticket allows you to book your journey ahead of time to get the best deal. The further ahead you book, the cheaper your ticket will be - and you’ll also have the biggest choice of options when it comes to travel times and seats.

Advance tickets are available on most Avanti routes and can be booked in Advance.

Remember that they only apply to a specific route and time, however, so be sure that you can commit to the journey before you book.

Here are some benefits of booking an Advance ticket

  • If you know where you’re going and when you want to travel, an Advance ticket is the best way to save money.
  • Our Advance train tickets are singles so you can mix and match your outbound and return trips.
  • You can download your Advance ticket straight to your device as a digital e-ticket.
  • You can book a seat reservation so you know exactly which coach you'll be sat in for your journey.
  • Advance tickets are available on both First Class, Standard Premium and Standard Class services so the choice is yours. It’s the best way to get First Class tickets for a great price or save big on Standard Class, or even treat yourself to an extra bit of luxury in Standard Premium.

Want to know when Advance tickets go on sale?

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How can I book cheap train tickets in advance?

Where can I use Advance tickets?

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If you're travelling on one of our trains, you must have a ticket that's valid for travel on that service. To make it fair for everyone, there are different ticket types available and our team are onboard to help with any queries.

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