Trains to the Liverpool Maritime Museum

Delve into Liverpool’s rich maritime heritage at the Liverpool Maritime Museum.

Explore compelling exhibits that recount the city's seafaring legacy, from global trade to its prominence as a major port. Uncover the stories of explorers, shipbuilders, and sailors as you immerse yourself in Merseyside’s maritime history.

Avanti West Coast provides convenient and reliable train services, offering an easy way to reach the Liverpool Maritime Museum. Enjoy an incredible day out and discover the captivating maritime treasures that shape Liverpool's identity.

How to get to Liverpool Maritime Museum by train

To get a train to Liverpool, get a service to Liverpool Lime Street. Trains to Liverpool can be boarded from towns and cities across the UK, including Manchester Piccadilly, Crewe, and London Euston. Trains from London to Liverpool take around two hours and 30 mins.

The Liverpool Maritime Museum is located on the Royal Albert Docks and is a 17 minutes walk from Lime Street. This is a pleasant walk through central Liverpool, allowing you to get your bearings for the city.

What to do at the Liverpool Maritime Museum

Amongst other points of culture, Liverpool is famous for its maritime history. This means the Merseyside Maritime Museum is full of exclusive maritime wonders. Think rare collections, intriguing displays, and historical artefacts.

The museum also has four floors of galleries. These include the likes of Seized!, The Border and Customs uncovered, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Art and the Sea Gallery, and the famous Titanic exhibition. The museum also includes a lovely café and a well-stocked shop.

Located at the Royal London Docks, this is a fantastic place to stroll around after visiting the museum. Sit down, grab some food and enjoy the idyllic scenery of the marina.

It's also worth noting that you’ll also find the International Slavery Museum in the same building as the Maritime Museum. This museum features displays and information on untold stories of historical and contemporary slavery. There are some fascinating exhibitions here, making it an important site of interest for the city.

About Liverpool Maritime Museum

The Liverpool Maritime Museum opened in 1984 and expanded in 1986, now occupying warehouse block D at the Albert Dock.

Described as “the perfect place to get a feel for the small inlet that grew to become the gateway to the world”, the Liverpool Maritime Museum tells the story of the Port of Liverpool.

Liverpool has been graced by some of the finest ocean cruisers and transatlantic liners in the world, which made it a globally trading city.

It was from Liverpool that the Titanic set off on the tragic maiden voyage, which you can learn all about in the Titanic exhibit. This is a compelling display that explores Liverpool's central role in the Titanic story.

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Getting to Liverpool Maritime Museum

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