Trains to Tate Modern London

A world of modern and contemporary art awaits at Tate Modern London. Discover beautiful exhibitions, study art by the masters, and see more of what makes modernism part of art history.

With Avanti West Coast, you can find convenient and affordable trains to this stunning gallery. Learn more about what you can expect at Tate London and see how Avanti West Coast trains can get you there.

How to get to the Tate Modern London by train

Taking the train to Tate Modern London is a breeze. The museum is in the old Bankside Power Station, only a two-minute walk from Shakespeare’s Globe. The Tate Modern is near several train stations, with the closest stations being Blackfriars and London Bridge.

As soon as you step out of Blackfriars Station, Tate Modern is right out front. London Bridge Station is about a 10-minute walk away from the gallery. Other nearby stations are Southwark and St Pauls. Southwark is only 10 minutes away and St Pauls is about 15 minutes away.

What to do at the Tate Modern London

You can explore an incredible collection of contemporary and modern art Tate Modern London. Study art from as early as the 1900s to today’s modern treasures. The collection includes paintings, sculptures, and other pieces created by world-renowned artists.

You can also visit exclusive exhibitions at the gallery. These include special collections only available for a limited time, ensuring each visit will showcase something new.

The gallery also hosts several unique experiences. You can learn about artists’ inspiration in the Natalie Bell Building, watch performances and installations in the Blavatnik Building, and more. You can also visit Turbine Hall, a unique space that displays large-scale sculptural projects.

About the Tate Modern London

For over 100 years, Tate Modern has been a cornerstone of modern and contemporary art. The gallery first opened in 1897 with a small collection of British artwork. From there, it grew from a single site to four distinct spaces.

Today, there are 70,000 pieces across the museum's four sites. See British artworks from as early as 1500 to modern pieces. The Tate collects British and international modern art, as well as focusing on the conservation and preservation of artworks.

There are also unique learning programmes to help educate people on modern art. Overall, Tate Modern London prides itself as a place where you can celebrate diverse art and artists.

Ways to save on your train ticket to the Tate Modern London

With Avanti West Coast, there are Tate Modern trains you can ride without hassle. Along with these convenient train options are plenty of ways to save money. Book in advance, buy a Railcard, or travel off-peak to save on your fare.

Book in advance with Avanti West Coast, and you can save on booking fees. You can also book tickets for off-peak times and ride when the trains are less crowded.

Another way to save on your tickets to the museum, as well as anywhere else you’ll travel, is by buying a Railcard. Railcards are passes that offer a discount on your fare, with varieties that cater to different demographics. Pay a one-off fee, and your Railcard can save you a third of your fare.

There are also group Railcards or Railcards to travel with one more. The Family and Friends Railcard lets you travel with up to four adults and four kids between the ages of 5 and 16. Save ⅓ of the cost of adult tickets with this Railcard and save up to 60% on children’s fares.

There’s also the Two Together Railcard. You and a friend, partner, or family member can travel together and save ⅓ the cost of the fare.

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Getting to Tate Modern

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