Trains to Wireless Festival


Head to the Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park in London, an annual celebration of hip-hop, rap, R&B, trap, and Afrobeats.

Known for its diverse lineup, the Wireless Festival brings together the best from across the globe. It offers a vibrant showcase of both established stars and emerging talent in these genres.

Wireless has become a staple event for those looking to experience the latest in urban music culture in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

Getting to Wireless Festival

Getting to the Wireless Festival is easy, as Finsbury Park is well-connected by London's public transport system. The closest train station, Finsbury Park Station, has both Underground and Overground options. This makes the trip easy from any part of the city.

Additionally, many bus routes stop near the festival site, ensuring easy access for all attendees.

Big Green Coach provides direct, green travel to the Wireless Festival, with arrivals set for before the performances and departures scheduled once the shows end. Pick-ups are available from Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, and many other locations in the UK.

What to do at Wireless Festival

Wireless Festival is a vibrant celebration of the contemporary urban music scene, drawing fans from across the globe.

This annual event, known for its electric atmosphere, merges performances from hip-hop, rap, R&B, trap, and Afrobeats artists. This captures the unique culture that resonates with its diverse audience.

The festival's food options mirror the diversity of its musical lineup, serving up flavours from around the world. Visitors can enjoy everything from fancy burgers and handmade pizzas to vegan options and classic street food.

There are also plenty of bars offering soft and alcoholic beverages. These stalls are available throughout the venue to keep festival-goers fueled for the day's events.

Wireless Festival not only offers a weekend of great music, it's also an opportunity for fans to dive into urban music culture. Here they can find new artists and enjoy the shared excitement of one of the UK's top music events.

With its focus on a wide range of talents and a stage for new artists, Wireless remains an important date in the music festival calendar.

About Wireless Festival

Starting with rock and pop, Wireless Festival has grown into a leading global event for rap, hip-hop, and R&B music. Over time, it has featured a mix of acts, from Massive Attack and The Flaming Lips to Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp, showing its wide musical range.

Its growth mirrors the changing trends of music and culture, marking it as a key place for artists leading in their genres. Over time, the festival has built a lively community of fans who come back every year for the great vibe and line-ups.

Today, Wireless is not only a reflection of its London roots. It is also a key event that captures the energy and variety of today's music scene.

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