Trains to the Aira Force Waterfall

Discover the enchanting beauty of Aira Force Waterfall in Penrith, a stunning natural attraction in the Lake District. Known for its scenic charm, this waterfall offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

How to Get to Aira Force Waterfall by Train

The journey to Aira Force Waterfall begins with a train ride to Penrith. From Penrith Station, catch the 508 bus towards Patterdale and get off at the Aira Force stop.

This journey typically takes under 35 minutes, ending near the Aira Force Car Park. To then get to the waterfall, it will only take another 15 minutes of walking through the grounds to arrive at Aira Force Waterfall.

What to do at Aira Force Waterfall

Aira Force Waterfall in Penrith offers a chance to immerse in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Step into the 18th-century pleasure grounds and find yourself amidst a network of woodland trails.

The Aira Force Waterfall walk offers paths that meander through tranquil glades, leading to where the dramatic sight of the waterfall awaits you. The sight of water cascading 65 feet into the pool below presents a remarkable sight.

But for those seeking a more expansive view, a hike up to Gowbarrow summit offers a breathtaking panorama over Ullswater instead.

If you start your journey from Glenridding, you can even take a boat out onto the water to approach Aira Force. This will let you take in the scenic beauty of the Ullswater valley from a different perspective.

As you explore, look out for the local wildlife. The area is a habitat for red squirrels and an array of other animals.

For a more leisurely experience, Aira Green is the perfect spot for picnicking and paddling. The calm waters and greenery offer a pleasant setting for relaxation. Canoeing enthusiasts will find Glencoyne Bay a delightful spot to paddle and explore.

After a day filled with exploration and nature, the National Trust tea room near the main car park offers a cosy retreat. Here, you can unwind and enjoy some refreshments after the day's adventures.

About Aira Force Waterfall

Aira Force Waterfall, nestled in Penrith, is rich in history and distinct features. Its primary source, Aira Beck, starts at Stybarrow Dodd. The beck winds across eight kilometres and ultimately forms the waterfall.

The National Trust owns the land around Aira Force and has actively developed the area to enhance visitor experiences. Facilities here now include parking, accessible paths, a graded trail and viewing platforms.

You can also visit their website for an Aira Force Waterfall walk map, so you can more easily follow the Aira Force and Gowbarrow trail.

There’s also the local tradition of the Wish Tree. This involves visitors hammering coins into a fallen tree trunk while making a wish. The Wish Tree has become an integral part of the site, blending local folklore with natural beauty.

Since 2015, the waterfall has been more accessible thanks to a foot-passenger ferry service from Glenridding, provided by the Ullswater 'Steamers'. This service has opened up new pathways for visitors to reach and explore the waterfall.

Additionally, Aira Force is home to two historical bridges that span the stream. These bridges, dedicated to the Spring family, showcase distinct architectural styles. The lower bridge is built with vertical stones, a unique design for the area, while the upper bridge features horizontal stones.

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