Trains to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Spend a day in Blackpool and enjoy rollercoasters, donkeys and arcade games

Blackpool is served by a central main station, Blackpool North, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach station a stone’s throw from the theme park. Trains from around the country can deliver rail passengers right into the heart of the town. From here visitors can take a casual walk to the promenade and catch a tram to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Alternatively, Blackpool Pleasure Beach station is a smaller mainline station served by connecting trains from nearby Preston. If you prefer a more direct route to the theme park and are travelling from far away, consider changing at Preston. From there, you can head directly to the heart of the adventure.

Whichever way you opt to travel, Blackpool is a small town that’s easy to navigate. Finding your way from either station to the amusement park is reasonably straightforward, whether it's via train, tram, or on food. This means you have easy access to all the excitement and adventure that Blackpool has to offer.

How to get to Blackpool Pleasure Beach by train

Like most popular seaside destinations, Blackpool is well connected, with up to six trains a day heading directly from London.

Wherever you’re travelling from, Avanti makes it quick and easy. Trains from London to Blackpool North take just over three hours, while trains from Birmingham take two hours and 12 minutes. Trains from Glasgow (via Preston) take three hours and trains from Edinburgh (via Preston) arrive in just under three hours.

What to do at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is home to some of the best thrill rides in the country as well as plenty of family favourites.

Constructed in 1994 and visible from all over the park is The Big One roller coaster. This climbs 235 feet above the promenade and travels from one end of the park to the other and back at break-neck speeds.

Thrill seekers should also check out the latest additions to the park including ICON and Infusion along with old classics such as the Grand National, Avalanche and Revolution.

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Families can enjoy a great selection of gentle rides that will delight and thrill little ones. Nickelodeon Land has rides based on popular cartoon characters, SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Along these fantastic options is the classic Alice in Wonderland ride, which has been in operation since the 1960s.

When you need to take a break from the thrills and ride, you can take in one of the big shows. Or, simply kick back and enjoy some fish and chips at the remarkable Blackpool seaside.

About Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Opened in 1896, Blackpool Please Beach now boasts 38 separate attractions, 10 thrill rides, and five water rides. Located just past the main entrance, the Flying Machines ride first opened in 1904. This is the park’s oldest ride and is visible to visitors as they arrive.

In recent decades, the theme park has expanded to include the Big Blue Hotel and the Boulevard Hotel. These are ideal visitors who want to spread the fun over a few days. Located at the south end of Blackpool, the park and its hotels are a short walk from the Sandcastle waterpark and the South Pier.

A fantastic mix of thrill rides, family fun, modern technology and classic rides, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been entertaining generations for 127 years.

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Ways to save on your train ticket to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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For other ways to save, consider booking with a student railcard (if eligible), book well in advance, and consider travelling off-peak.

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Getting to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Enjoy a day out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. If you’re travelling from across the UK, you can get an Avanti West Coast train to Blackpool North.

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