Trains to Lichfield Cathedral

Embark on a journey to Lichfield Cathedral, a historic gem in the heart of England. In this article, we will explore what there is to do here and how it can be easily reached with Avanti West Coast.

How to Get to Lichfield Cathedral

Arriving at Lichfield City Station, you'll have plenty of options to reach Lichfield Cathedral.

For those who prefer public transport, local buses are a good option. Every 30 minutes, you can take a Diamond and Chaserider bus from Lichfield Bus Station to the Beacon Park Bus Stop.

After the two-minute bus journey, it’s only a four-minute walk to the Cathedral.

For a more scenic route, a 13-minute walk from the station to the Cathedral lets you explore Lichfield's historic streets. The route takes you through picturesque streets, offering glimpses of the city's rich history.

Drivers can easily access Lichfield via major motorways such as the M6, with ample parking available near the Cathedral.

What to Do at Lichfield Cathedral

Lichfield Cathedral offers visitors a blend of historical, cultural, and architectural attractions.

History enthusiasts will find the Cathedral's role in English history fascinating. It showcases centuries of history through features like medieval wall paintings. Additionally, the Herkenrode stained glass windows offer a look into its artistic history.

You can also see the ancient Lichfield Gospels and the Lichfield Angel. These 8th-century artefacts provide a tangible connection to early English Christianity.

Just by the Cathedral, you'll find the Cathedral Close, an area known for its medieval buildings. As you wander through, don't miss the historic Vicars' Close, where a row of charming old houses offers another look into the past.

The Lichfield Cathedral hosts events and exhibitions throughout the year. From classical concerts to contemporary art displays, there's something to captivate everyone.

Photographers and nature lovers will enjoy the Cathedral's gardens. These well-kept gardens and the impressive architecture are great for taking beautiful photos.

For visitors planning a day trip, the gardens offer a peaceful retreat and are ideal for picnicking or relaxing. If you didn’t pack your food, the on-site Chapters cafe offers plenty of food that everyone will enjoy

About Lichfield Cathedral

Founded by Bishop Chad in 669, Lichfield Cathedral has been a spiritual centre for over a millennium.

Its current Gothic building, started in 1195, mixes different architectural styles. It features both these original Gothic details and some more recent Victorian renovations. This has made it into a unique and outstanding example of church architecture.

The Cathedral has been a witness to many historical events, including three sieges during the English Civil War. The damage it took during these events, and the later restoration efforts, prove its resilience and continued relevance.

Victorian renovations, including contributions from figures like Princess Louise, added new features and styles to the Cathedral's architecture.

Another interesting part of the Cathedral is its Chapter House, built in the 13th century. This unique, eight-sided room served as a meeting place for church leaders for centuries. It was the host of the first synod of the English Church in 789.

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