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Why should I work at Avanti?

We’re doing everything we can to make Avanti West Coast more than just a great place to work.

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As if working for Avanti West Coast wasn’t rewarding enough in itself, you’ll also get access to a perk package that’s bursting with benefits along with a highly competitive salary. With generous annual leave packages, pensions, on-the-job training and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development, we’re always working on ways to make our team feel appreciated.

What's it like working for Avanti West Coast?

Whether you’re an aspiring Train Driver, a Customer Service specialist, or a Marketing maestro, it takes all sorts to deliver a revolutionary rail service. Our brand is built on people. People who share our drive to succeed and our passion for getting things right, no matter how small. But it’s also built on the people who we serve every day, our passengers. We’re building a team that puts people first, whether that’s a customer on one of our trains or a colleague that needs a helping hand.

Below, we asked a few colleagues why they chose to work for Avanti:

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We’re doing everything we can to make Avanti West Coast more than just a great place to work.
We want to create an environment where our people can grow both personally and professionally, building a career they can be proud of in an organisation where they feel valued and respected.
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Rob Singh: Head of News

'I really enjoy working alongside the people here. From colleagues in my department, to the teams on the frontline, everyone is really welcoming and friendly. People come from all walks of life and varied backgrounds - I love travelling around the network and meeting lots of people from around the country!'

Head of News - Rob Singh

Paul Austin: Train Manager

'I’m very lucky to work for an employer where I can fully be myself without fear. Avanti West Coast cares about inclusion in all its forms and continually works to create a true inclusive workforce. There great opportunities for career development and so many different career routes you can explore.'

Head of News - Rob Singh

Lizzie Power: Train Manager (and previously Employee Director)

'I love being part of this team and working alongside my incredible colleagues who show up every day and fulfil that promise of making a difference. To say I am proud of this team and our achievements would be an understatement. Our network is represented throughout our business, and we focus on supporting our communities, not just getting our customers from A to B.'

Lizzie Power

Women in Rail Awards 2021

Karen Paton - Winner

We just wanted to share a little praise for our very own Karen. Winner of the Women in Rail Award this year, Karen (an onboard manager) won alongside our our Talent Management Team, who picked up the Best Apprenticeship Scheme award.

Karen Women in Rail Award Winner

At the outset of the pandemic, and mindful of the impact on her local community, Karen came up with the idea of making boxes of supplies that were distributed to local hospitals and care homes. Struck by the positive feedback, the idea was extended to the Anglo Scottish rail route, with parcels sent by trains to other stations down the line, liaising with her colleagues for distribution to local communities.

Karen said "I’m a bit overwhelmed if I’m honest. Whilst my name is on the award, its more about teamwork, and how we have all stuck together to deal with the challenges of the last 18 months.”

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