Trains to Glasgow Christmas Market 2023

Amidst the bustling streets of Glasgow, the city transforms into a festive wonderland as the holiday season draws near. With two prime locations, St Enoch Square and George Square, Glasgow's Christmas Market is a sight to behold and an experience to cherish.

How to get to the Glasgow Christmas Market

Take a train to Glasgow Central Station for easy access to the city's Christmas festivities.

From the buzzing capital city, a journey from London Euston to Glasgow Central will have you stepping onto Glasgow's streets in about five hours.

For those hailing from the vibrant hubs of the North West, a train from Manchester Piccadilly reaches Glasgow Central in a tad over three hours. If you're embarking from Liverpool Lime Street, you can expect a journey of roughly three and a half hours.

Travellers from the Midlands aren't left out either. Departing from Birmingham New Street, you'll find yourself in Glasgow after a direct train ride of approximately four hours.

Upon arrival at Glasgow Central, both the St Enoch Square and George Square market sites are a short walk away.

What to do at the Glasgow Christmas Market

Both St Enoch Square and George Square brim with festivities.

With thousands of visitors each year, the market has become a staple of Glasgow's seasonal offerings. Boasting flavours and crafts from 32 different countries, the market captures the global spirit of the season in one location.

At George Square, kids can enjoy a vintage helter-skelter and Victorian Carousel, while adults may fancy a peek at the two large windmill chalets. Moreover, the market hosts a giant advent calendar with daily surprises that are sure to delight any younger visitors.

St Enoch Square boasts thrilling rides like The Blizzard and an ice climbing wall. You can also hop aboard Santa’s runaway train or indulge in festive treats ranging from hot chocolates to Bratwurst.

About the Glasgow Christmas Market

The Christmas market traces its roots back to the late 20th century. It has grown from the modest gathering of stalls and now reflects the city's love of festive traditions. With so many Christmas markets across Europe, Glasgow has a distinctive Scottish take.

Throughout history, Glasgow has been a diverse city with ports trading goods from all over the globe. The market echoes this heritage by pairing flavours from across the world with local crafts and delicacies.

The choice of St Enoch Square and George Square as the market's locations is no accident. Both squares have played crucial roles in the city's history. They have served as meeting points, venues for celebrations and battlegrounds for centuries.

Hosting the Christmas Market in these squares links modern festivities with the city's rich past.

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