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Whatever your destination, discover our train timetable to the UK's major cities and rural stations.

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Whether it's travelling to the centre of Manchester or Edinburgh castle, we get thousands of travellers to their UK destination every day. Our timetables cover the most popular routes across the country, so if you’re commuting or travelling off-peak we’ll get you there. One of the best bits of travelling by train is that you’ll always be comfortable. Unwind whilst surfing the web using our onboard Wifi or pick up a snack or drink from our onboard shop. To make your journey as relaxing as possible, we also have our easy-to-use train times tool, so you can get live arrival and departure times in the station or on the move.

Travelling with us during the holidays? Find more information about our engineering works calendar to check for planned changes to train times.

Top Avanti West Coast routes

Looking for inspiration for your next trip? We’ve put together our top routes along with the train times per day and the duration of each journey so you can quickly discover the best options for your next adventure. Whether you’re headed to Glasgow, Manchester or Birmingham, we’re here to get you there.


London to Glasgow

Train times, prices and more

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London to Liverpool

Train times, prices and more

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London to Birmingham

Train times, prices and more

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London to Manchester

Train times, prices and more

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Manchester to London

Train times, prices and more

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Birmingham to London

Train times, prices and more

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Glasgow to London

Train times, prices and more

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Liverpool to London

Train times, prices and more

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Keep moving with live timetables

Heading to your next big meeting or travelling for a holiday with friends and family? Trains are an easy, comfortable way to get to your destination. With our Train Times tool, you don’t even need to plan in advance.

Simply enter a route and you’ll be able to access live train times and tickets, even as you arrive at the station. It also allows you to see live departure and arrival times whilst you're on the move.

To make sure you arrive at your destination on time, we also have a Live Train Status Tracker. This means you can check for any delays as you travel, helping you to manage your time or choose another route option easily. Plus, you can sign up for alerts on your most-travelled routes so you can keep up-to-date with any changes easily.

Find live train times

Hate running late for a train? We’ve put together live train times for all our routes to make it easy for you to catch your next train. You can set alerts via email or SMS using our handy JourneyCheck tool. Plus, download our free Avanti West Coast app to keep updated on the go. We’ll keep track of the time, so you can keep track of everything else.

Check the status of your train

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Check the first and last train for your journey

Did you know that you can easily find out the first and last trains for your journey on our website and on our app? Simply select the route you’re interested in and take a look.

Find train times for popular journeys

From London to Glasgow and Liverpool to Birmingham, you want to find the best time to suit your schedule. By looking at your route options via  our Train Journey Planner, you can find a departure time from more than 50 of our stations easily. Simply pick the time that suits you best and book your ticket in advance to enjoy direct travel to your final destination.

Plus, if you’re travelling across the holidays, you can check our engineering works calendar to make sure you don’t get held up by planned changes to train times.

Relax with cheaper train tickets

When buying a ticket, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the cheapest fare available. With our Best Fare Finder tool you can choose the right train ticket for the right price easily. Whether you’re travelling during Peak or Off-Peak hours, we can get you the best deal at a departure time to suit you, so you can be sure to make the best of your trip. 

We also offer discounts for railcard, senior and group travellers, so you can get the most for your money and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Download the Avanti app

Save on the booking fee when you book using our free Avanti West Coast app. Perfect when on the go, you can easily access all your train tickets, check live travel updates and amend or cancel any upcoming bookings. With our app, we’ll take care of the booking fee, so you can take care of those all-important journey snacks instead.

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Is my train on time?

Make sure you’re always on time by checking the status of your next train through our website on our Live Train Status Tracker. Or if you’re on the move, download our app and you can check wherever you are.

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