Trains to Carlisle Castle

Experience the historic charm of Carlisle Castle with Avanti West Coast. Our trains provide a comfortable and direct route to this iconic destination. Plan your journey with us for an easy and enjoyable trip.

How to get to Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle is easily accessible by Avanti West Coast trains. Services from key UK cities, including London, Manchester, and Glasgow, arrive at Carlisle. From here, it is only a 10-minute walk to the castle.

If you’d prefer not to take the walk, there are regular bus services from the Courts, the closest bus stop to Carlisle Station. These services only take five minutes to get to the Market Hall stop, which is a very short walk from Carlisle Castle.

What to do at Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle presents a variety of activities, reflecting its historical significance.

Guided tours delve into the castle's Norman origins and its role in the Civil War. These tours are informative and will include stories about the castle's past residents and events.

Children will enjoy the interactive exhibits, while history buffs should pay a visit to the Captain’s Tower and the Military Museum. The museum showcases an extensive collection of military items, giving insight into the lives of soldiers who lived in the castle.

Art lovers should check for temporary art exhibitions that frequently take place within the castle grounds. These exhibitions often showcase both local and historical art.

Seasonal events, such as reenactments and fairs, offer unique experiences. They often include hands-on activities, workshops, and local food to add some Carlisle charm and fun to your visit.

The castle café is a convenient spot for a break, offering a range of options including light snacks and traditional English tea. Before leaving, the gift shop is an ideal place to find unique souvenirs, from historical books to themed merchandise.

Do bear in mind that to enter Carlisle Castle, you will need to purchase a ticket. However, Carlisle Castle tickets don’t have to be pre-booked and you can buy them on-site. But for the best prices and guaranteed availability, we do recommend you book.

About Carlisle Castle

Carlisle Castle, built by William II in 1092, is a notable landmark in British history. This castle has seen many historical events due to its location near the Scotland-England border. Over the centuries, it has been a key site in various conflicts.

The castle's past is diverse. It has been a royal residence, a prison for notable figures like Mary, Queen of Scots, and a military base. Each role has left a mark on the castle, contributing to its rich history.

The architecture of Carlisle Castle reflects its long history. It combines elements from medieval and Victorian times, with the most striking features being the keep and Queen Mary's Tower. These structures showcase the castle's strategic importance and architectural evolution.

Its half-moon battery and medieval walls are also notable examples of historic military construction. These features show the defensive strategies it used and the wider changes in military architecture over time in England.

Today, Carlisle Castle also serves as an educational and community centre. Throughout the year, it hosts various educational programs and events to bring history to life. Visitors can not only explore its past but also experience its ongoing role in the community.

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