Trains to Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower stands as a defining landmark on England's coast. It offers both panoramic views and insights into Blackpool’s history

Board an Avanti West Coast train and arrive ready for a sky-high adventure. We've laid out the journey details and a snapshot of what the tower offers.

How to get to Blackpool Tower

Blackpool boasts two train stations. Blackpool North Station is the most convenient for visitors to Blackpool Tower as it’s just a short five-minute walk away.

If you're arriving by bus, most routes in Blackpool either stop directly outside Blackpool Tower or very close by, in the town centre.

And for those seeking an authentic Blackpool experience, hop on any seafront tram and alight at the Blackpool Tower stop.

What to do at Blackpool Tower

A lynchpin of Blackpool’s thriving tourist industry, Blackpool Tower is arguably the most iconic feature of the town.

It offers expansive vistas to those who climb the Blackpool Tower Eye and gives a bird’s eye view of the city’s Victorian and modern architecture. On a clear day, you can even see the Lake District and the Isle of Man.

Of course, for those looking to challenge their courage, you can step onto the glass floor and gaze through it to the streets far below.

For families looking for some fun, the Tower Circus promises a captivating performance. A longstanding act within the Tower, it features daredevil stunts, clowns, and acrobatics. It is sure to be a memorable show for both children and parents alike.

If you want to indulge in elegance, you can always enjoy a waltz at the Tower Ballroom. It was a favoured spot for the wealthy in the 19th century. Today, it remains a grand tribute to Victorian-era entertainment.

For those who don’t want to dance, there’s always the option of booking an afternoon tea experience within the ballroom instead.

There's also the Tower Dungeon for those with a penchant for the macabre. It offers a deep dive into Blackpool’s murky history with tales of the plague, torture, and other unsavoury chapters. It's an educational journey that features endless thrills.

Rounding off the day of Blackpool attractions, take yourself up to Bar 380. Here you can enjoy beers, cocktails, mocktails, and more alongside spectacular views of the Fylde Coast.

About Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower is a historic marvel of British architecture. It first welcomed visitors on 14 May 1894. Since then, the Tower Circus, part of its vibrant heart, has never missed a season. The interiors we admire today, completed in 1900, bear the hallmark of Frank Matcham's visionary design.

This monumental structure is also a testament to engineering prowess. It's made of over five million bricks in the Tower Buildings and four sturdy legs, each 35 feet square and 12 feet deep.

The tower's vast frame consists of 2,493 tons of steel and 93 tons of cast iron, while its base further adds 985 tons of steel and 259 tons of cast iron. Though it was only meant to stand at 450 feet, the Tower surpasses this. It now stretches to 518 feet 9 inches, crowned with a flagpole.

The Tower has also been a green figurehead. The tower produced its own electricity until 1924. Now, it has 25,000 eco-friendly LED lights, showing its ability to change while respecting its past.

Ways to save on your train ticket to Blackpool Tower

For those eager to gaze upon the iconic Blackpool Tower, here are ways to make your journey more affordable. Starting with those who plan ahead, our Advance Tickets often come at reduced rates, so it's worth booking early.

If you're heading out with friends or family, consider a Group ticket for a more economical fare. Flexible with your travel time? Opting for Off-Peak hours can be gentler on the wallet.

Families travelling with two adults and up to three children will find value in the Family Ticket. Children under five also have their dedicated Child Tickets.

Using a Railcard also presents an opportunity for savings. And as a final tip, always remember to book directly with us to avoid any additional booking fees.

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