Trains to the Welsh Mountain Zoo

Discover your favourite animals in their natural habitats and meet new furry or feathered friends at Welsh Mountain Zoo. Big Cats, primates, birds, and reptiles are only some of the animals you can see at the zoo.

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How to get to the Welsh Mountain Zoo by train

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is near Colwyn Bay in Conwy County Borough, Wales. Taking the train here is simple. From the station, you can walk to the front gates or take a quick taxi there.

The closest train station to Mountain Zoo in Wales is Colwyn Bay Station. Take your local line to the station and get to the gates in five minutes with a taxi. You can also take a stroll and arrive in about 30 minutes. Here are directions for the walk.

Exit the station and head down Victoria Avenue toward Station Road. From there, turn left onto Penrhyn Road, right onto Conway Road, and left at Mostyn Road. Make a right onto Lansdowne Road and a left onto Pwllycrochan Avenue. Once you make a right onto Old Highway, keep going until you reach Mountain Zoo.

What to do at the Welsh Mountain Zoo

Welsh Mountain Zoo is home to many different kinds of animals and wildlife. There are big cats, primates, and other mammals on its spacious grounds, as well as exotic birds and reptiles.

You can spend the whole day learning about all the animals that make the zoo their home. Bring your little animal lover to the children’s farm and see cute chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more.

About Welsh Mountain Zoo

The Welsh Mountain Zoo, or the National Zoo of Wales, is the oldest in Wales, starting as a family-owned business in 1963.

From there, it grew as a safe space for various kinds of animals. 37 acres of land make up the zoo for a stunning view of the Colwyn Bay coastline and Carneddau mountains in North Wales.

The zoo prioritises both the animals on-site as well as conservation efforts to support the survival of animals in the future. Breeding programmes and conservation projects, such as the ‘Here be Dragons’ scheme, embody the zoo’s goals and mission.

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