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Edinburgh Haymarket

Edinburgh’s Haymarket Station is just a mile away from the more central Waverley Station, and is the preferred stop off point for those visiting the West of the city. If the centre of Edinburgh is best known for its historic, cultural and shopping areas, Haymarket is more concerned with business, hotels, restaurants and entertainment – although there’s a mix in both areas – Haymarket shouldn’t be overlooked.

When the station was first opened in 1842, it was actually the terminus of the Glasgow line. It was some years before Waverley made Haymarket just a stop along the way. The recent opening of the Edinburgh Trams line means you can also hop on here to go anywhere between Edinburgh Airport and York Place at the foot of Calton Hill. More tramlines are either under construction or planned, so Haymarket could soon find itself an even busier transit hub.

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Popular Avanti West Coast trains to Haymarket

All inter-city and local trains stop at Haymarket, so get on and off here if you’re visiting the west of the city for business or pleasure, or steal a march on the Waverley-bound tram users.

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Fastest time

Edinburgh to Haymarket

4 minutes

Carlisle to Haymarket

1 hour 9 minutes

Preston to Haymarket

2 hours 15 minutes

London to Haymarket

5 hours 26 minutes

Watford to Haymarket

5 hours 22 minutes

Milton Keynes to Haymarket

4 hours 56 minutes

Coventry to Haymarket

4 hours 27 minutes

Birmingham International to Haymarket

4 hours 16

Birmingham New Street to Haymarket

3 hours 54 minutes

Things to do in Haymarket

Haymarket is a foodies’ delight, and it’s where many locals will come to enjoy dishes from all over the world. As it’s just outside the centre, it’s a little more laid back, and there are fewer tourists milling around, so take some time to wander the streets or read some local guides to discover an ever-changing menu of wonderful cuisines – plus plenty of local delicacies, of course. And when you’re finished, there are countless bars and cafes where you’ll be welcome to pop in for a wee dram or something to perk you up. 

Sport lovers can’t miss the opportunities on offer in this part of town, either. Just down the road from the station is Tynecastle, home to Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh’s oldest football club. You can book a tour to see the history and stories for yourself. A little further out is Murrayfield, the national rugby stadium, where countless epic battles have taken place against England and the other Six Nations teams. If you’re not here for match day, book a Murrayfield tour to soak up the rugby culture around here. 

Edinburgh Zoo is close by too, and always a popular destination, especially for families. Or why not try your hand at curling, a sport that’s always a huge draw in the Winter Olympics, but goes on all the year round at the rink. If you’re looking for more local inspiration, have a look at our Edinburgh page.

Finally, if you’re up for something slightly more scary, why not check out Edinburgh Dungeon – if you buy your train ticket through Avanti West Coast, you can get a 2-for-1 ticket.


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Haymarket Station Information

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Haymarket Station Information

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