Trains to Edinburgh Film Festival


Explore cinema with the Edinburgh International Film Festival and its exclusive premieres. The event now even features a prize pool for the top films, bringing more eyes to the festival.

Get ready to explore the best in international cinema, right in the centre of Edinburgh.

Getting to the Edinburgh Film Festival

Travelling to the Edinburgh Film Festival is easy with the city's convenient travel links. For those arriving by train, Waverley Station, will place you a short walk away from the festival.

If you're arriving from Edinburgh Airport, reliable public transport can take you to Leith Street where you’ll be adjacent to the participating film festival cinemas. This can either be through the airport express bus service or TRAM service, with both taking under 45 minutes to arrive.

What to Do at the Edinburgh Film Festival

Taking place every year in August, the festival showcases all sorts of films. From documentaries and short films to experimental cinema, there's something for everyone's taste.

EIFF is famous for being the first place where many new films have had their British premiere, offering a chance to see tomorrow's big hits before anyone else. These have included the global successes of Moon (2009) and Okja (2017), making the festival a key spot for launching films that go all over the globe.

However, the festival also remains committed to independent cinema. This means plenty of indie flicks from around the world that won’t be screened anywhere else in the country.

In 2024, the festival is giving the audience a chance to vote for their favourites in the Best British Feature Film, International Film, and Documentary categories. This has made the festival even more interactive and brings filmmakers and the audience closer together.

EIFF also features panels and workshops hosted by movie makers and industry experts. Here they discuss the future of films, share tips on making movies, and discuss changes in the film industry.

These events are great for learning more about filmmaking and are a chance for people to share ideas and advice. Thanks to factors like this, the Edinburgh Film Festival is an essential event for anyone who loves films as well as those working in the movie industry.

About the Edinburgh Film Festival

Started in 1947, the EIFF has become a renowned event that celebrates movies from all over the world. It's focused on exploring new ideas in cinema and gives audiences a chance to see a variety of unique films.

EIFF focuses on artistic talent and quality, offering filmmakers a chance to present their work to a broad and excited audience.

Every August, Edinburgh turns into a buzzing centre of culture with the Fringe Festival and the EIFF playing a big part in this change. It offers a platform for showcasing independent creative talent, a key part of the entire festival.

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