Smartcard: The Avanti Train Travel Card

Think Smartcard.

A smarter choice for the future.

Continuing to innovate and look towards the future here at Avanti West Coast, we’ve created our very own smartcard. A faster, easier and safer way to buy, renew and travel with a train ticket.

Made to be more durable for your travels, you can wave goodbye to your multiple paper tickets and say hello to a paperless future!


Which types of tickets are available on Smartcards?

You’ll be able to travel from home to work, from the countryside to the city; and from friends to family with your smartcard.

Our smartcards work with a range of different ticket types including:

Season tickets Anytime  Off-Peak & Super Off-Peak Flexi Season tickets

1. Order your free Smartcard online

Create an account, or login if you have one.

Create an account

Once you've logged into your account navigate to manage your Smartcards in the ‘My Smartcards’ section. From here you can order your smartcard to be sent straight to your door.

Your Smartcard should arrive at your door within 5 working days.

2. Purchase your tickets

When you order your smartcard through the 'My Smartcards' section of your account you can also add tickets to your card.

To purchase your tickets online simply search for it within your online account.

Login to your account

If you bought your ticket two hours ahead of your departure time you will be able to tap straight in at the gates. However, if you purchased your ticket less than 2 hours before your travel then you will need to visit the booking office at the station to activate your ticket before travelling.

3. Touch in to travel

Once you arrive at the station ready for your journey you can simply tap your Smartcard on the gateline or enabled self-service ticket vending machine at the station as you begin your journey. If there is no gateline at your station then just board your train. Your smartcard will be checked by the Train Manager.

4. Touch out and enjoy your day!

Once you've reached your destination station simply touch out at the gate as you exit the station. You do this by holding your Smartcard on the gateline if there is one to open the gate at your arrival station.

Please note: you will need to carry either photo id, a payment card or another form of id as proof of identity when you travel. If you have any issues please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Smartcard FAQs