Disabled Persons Railcard

Whether you’re travelling to work, heading into town for a spot of shopping, or using the train for a day trip, you can save ⅓ on all train tickets for you. If you're travelling with another adult they will also get 1/3 off their rail fare, so you can save money for a friend or family member too! With this Railcard, you’ll save an average of £115 per year, and it typically pays for itself in just three journeys so it’s well worth the investment to make getting from A to B cheaper.

More Information on the Disabled Persons Railcard

  • ⅓ off train travel
  • Just £20 for a year
  • Save ⅓ on a friend’s ticket when travelling together
  • No restrictions on usage
  • Enjoy great savings and discounts

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How to get a Disabled Persons Railcard

Ready to start travelling for less? Check your eligibility and apply.

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Disabled Persons Railcard: what you need to know

  • You’ll need to provide proof of your disability when you apply for your Railcard. You can check whether you’re eligible here
  • Disabled Child Railcards are also available
  • You’re able to use your Railcard on any train, at any time of day — totally free from restrictions
  • If you’re travelling with another person, your Railcard can also get them 1/3 off their fare
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Offers and rewards for the Disabled Persons Railcard

As well as saving money on your train tickets, you can get a host of additional offers, discounts and rewards through your Railcard. These change frequently and are kept up to date on the Disabled Persons Railcard site, but they include such treats as:

  • 2 for 1 offers on hundreds of attractions, restaurants and more so you can have a great day out with a friend for less
  • Savings of up to £50 on Haven Holidays  
  • Great discounts on Hoeseasons Lodges, Parks and Boating holidays
  •  Tastecard discounts for meals out

How to use your Disabled Persons Railcard

If you’re buying tickets online, select your Railcard from the drop-down menu to receive your discount. If you’re buying your train tickets in person, present your Railcard at the point of sale and we’ll knock 1/3 off the price for you. Be sure to bring your Railcard with you when you travel so you can present it on-board.

If you need assistance on one of our trains, please contact our Passenger Assist team.

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Disabled Persons Railcard

Save ⅓ off train fares for a full year with the Disabled Persons Railcard.