Come and take a peek at our brand new Evero trains that will transform travel on the West Coast Main Line.
We couldn’t be prouder to bring more sustainable and comfortable travel to more communities on our route.

Get ready to relax in ergonomic, comfy seats. Stretch out in loads of leg room. Stash your bags in stacks of space. Like a table seat? You’re spoilt for choice. And just wait until you see the smart design and innovative tech we’ve packed in.

Our new Evero trains won’t just help you arrive feeling good. They’re also expertly engineered to lighten the load on the planet, cutting carbon emissions significantly compared to the trains they’re replacing. They're a real game changer for the West Coast.

We can't wait to welcome you onboard

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See where Evero will go

The fleet will be rolling out from June 2024. Combined with our refurbished Pendolino fleet, our new Evero trains are set to transform travel between all these places. 

A route map showing station stops between London Euston and Liverpool, Holyhead and Blackpool superimposed on blurred countryside with the train running below.

Meet our new fleet

Looking inside the train there’s a table with two seats either side, there’s a fair amount of space to stretch your legs.

Say hello to comfort and space

With more seats, legroom and luggage space, as well as new accessible features, our Evero trains will keep you comfortable even on the longest journeys.

  • Up to 84 seats in each coach
  • More table seats, perfect for travelling with your family or friends
  • Loads of leg room
  • Larger luggage racks and more space for bags between seats
  • A smoother, quieter ride to help you work or relax
A new Evero train at speed coming towards us, black overhead electric power lines are clear against the cloudy blue sky.

Say hello to sustainable travel

Our goal is to hit net zero by 2031, which means making low-carbon end-to-end journeys the norm. Our Evero trains are a big part of that.

  • Our new Evero trains will significantly reduce our carbon emissions
  • Bi-mode trains switch seamlessly between diesel and electric power, using electricity wherever possible
Conwy castle against a blue sky, the new Evero train speeds alongside it.

Say hello to feel good travel to more places

We've invested £350m in our Evero fleet, to bring feel good travel to more communities on the West Coast Main Line.

  • Rolling out from June 2024, the new trains will service routes from London to the Midlands, Chester, North Wales and the North West
  • The introduction of our bi-mode trains mean more sustainable travel for more communities on the West Coast
  • Along with refurbished Pendolinos, we're bringing a better travel experience to more people and places on our route
A close up of two seat back lights with on/off buttons. The lights are rectangular. It’s evening so the lights shine clearly.

Say hello to journey-changing innovations

Evero trains are packed with clever design features that will make a real difference to your journey.

  • Ergonomic seats designed around the way you sit
  • 1 plug and 2 USB sockets at every pair of seats
  • Wireless charging on tables
  • Your own personal dimmable light on airline seat backs in Standard
  • Accessible toilets with discreet entry mode for carers
  • Live journey updates on passenger information screens throughout each coach

Say hello to loads more

See your guide to our new trains
A women sitting and working on her phone with her laptop in front of her

Travelling for business?

Welcome to your new office on wheels.

  • Evero trains have tables at every seat in First and extendable flip down tables in Standard so you can keep working wherever you're sitting. Plus, there’s a seat back light in Standard whenever you need a bit of illumination. Charge devices at your seat or on the table. Stay connected with free WiFi and keep informed with real time train info on our information screens throughout each coach.
A group of people hugging in a railway station with a train in the background

Taking a trip?

Great adventures start on our new Evero trains.

  • With more seats, legroom and luggage space, there’s plenty of room for your bags, legs and even pushchairs. Like a table seat? You’re spoilt for choice. Hop onboard and relax in your ergonomic seat, designed to keep you comfy from A to B. Peckish? Pop along to the brand new onboard Shop for a delicious range of food and drinks.
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