Trains to Lockerbie

Lockerbie is only a small town in the south of Scotland but it’s right on the main line and easy to reach by train. Here’s all your ticketing and station information.

Regular travellers between North West England and Scotland will be familiar with Lockerbie as it’s among the first places you pass through, whether you’re going by road or rail. It’s in the south west of Scotland, in Dumfries and Galloway, located 16 km from the town of Dumfries and 21 km from the English border. It’s a small town of just 9,000 people, which has been served by the railway since the Caledonian Line between Carlisle and Beattock was built in 1847. The line later connected the town to Glasgow and Edinburgh to the north and London to the south.

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Being on the main line between the capitals and second cities of England and Scotland means Lockerbie is very easy to get to by train. There are some businesses in town that account for many of its visitors, but Lockerbie is also a good place to start a walk in the surrounding countryside. We’re not talking craggy Highlands here – the local landscape is green and rolling, which is perfect for a light walk to Eskrigg or Castle Loch a few miles down the road.

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Lockerbie Station Information

If you’re not familiar with Lockerbie or its station, you’ll find everything you need right here, There’s information from accessibility to parking and ticketing to WiFi coverage. More details on our wider network can be found on this page.

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Things to do in Lockerbie

Although Lockerbie is a small town, you can always find things to do in and around it. If you want to unlock your inner Torvill or Dean, buckle yourself into a pair of ice skates and head off to Lockerbie Ice Rink. If you’re more of an Eve Muirhead type, it’s also home to a curling rink where you can try your hand at this sport that’s always a hit at the Winter Olympics.

Eskrigg is a lovely nature reserve on the outskirts of town. It’s within walking distance of the station; at just over a mile it’ll take about half an hour. You’ll leave the town and enter the countryside, and Eskrigg is one of a handful of places in Britain where you can see red squirrels, Britain’s native species that was almost wiped out by the spread of greys brought over from America in the 1800s. There’s a little loch here too, and if you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of a kingfisher.

Tours of whisky distilleries are not exactly rare in Scotland, and it’s possible to spend weeks touring them and still not visit them all. Rum, however, is a little different, and is relatively niche around these parts. That’s why the Ninefold Distillery is an unusual but very rewarding place to visit. You can see how rum is made and, of course, sample the products and buy some to take away. You might want to make the visit the end-point of a 2-hour walk from Lockerbie; otherwise, it’s about 10 minutes away by taxi.

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