Dogs On Trains

Heading somewhere with your furry friend? Here’s everything you need to know about taking your dog or other pet on the train.

Travelling with pets on Avanti West Coast trains

Here’s all the info you need on taking the train with dogs, cats and other furry travel companions.

Tips For Travelling With Dogs

We want to ensure that taking dogs on trains is as easy as possible so both you and your pet have a pleasant journey. Here are some tips you might want to consider before you travel:

  • Consider the time of day you’re travelling at. Trains tend to be busier during the morning and evening rush hours, which could be stressful for your dog. If you don’t have any restrictions on when you need to travel, you may want to take a later train to ensure a more relaxing journey.
  • Even if you’re travelling during winter, public transport can be hot for pets, so remember to bring some water with you.
  • If you’re on a long train journey, your dog will get hungry so don’t forget to take their regular meals with you.
  • You might want to take some treats with you in case you need to ask your dog to lie, sit or carry out another command.
  • Hopefully, your dog won’t need to go to the toilet whilst you’re travelling, but it’s a good idea to take some poo bags with you just in case.
  • Recognise the signs of distress in your dog, such as excessive panting, pacing, and chewing. If it’s a long journey and these behaviours persist, you may need to decide whether to take your dog off the train for their comfort.

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