Catching the train to the airport

While flying out for a holiday should be the start of an exciting adventure, travelling to the airport is often a stressful start. Car issues, traffic jams, and the need to arrive early can soon have us dreading a journey before it’s even begun.

Cut this stress out of your trip and take a train to the airport instead, feeling relaxed and ready to fly. Let’s explore how travelling to the airport by train is easier, and how you can save money on your ticket too.

Have a look below to find out more about your chosen airport and how to get there by train.

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Airport Travel Made Easy

Taking the train for your airport travel offers a seamless and comfortable travel experience, which is just what you need before a flight. With many of the UK’s airports featuring their own train station, a short airport rail link can have you walking off the train and onto your plane with ease.

The benefits of travelling on an Avanti train extend past simply offering convenience. It's a chance to unwind and mentally prepare for your trip.

As you glide through the countryside and cityscapes, you are free to read, nap, or enjoy the view. You can work on your laptop or surf the web on your phone, all thanks to the free onboard Wi-Fi. All of these are sure to leave you feeling more refreshed than driving.

Our trains also offer spacious seating and plenty of room for your luggage. This means you don’t have to worry about desperately trying to squeeze your precious belongings into tight, out-of-sight spaces. All this space comes standard with your rail fare, so there’s no need to pay extra for any large, heavy bags.

If you’re a business traveller, an Avanti train offers the perfect environment to get some work done. Modern trains are now equipped with tables and power sockets at your seat. This will allow you to answer emails or finish off that presentation ahead of arriving at your destination.

For those with families, trains are a practical and enjoyable option. Kids can stretch their legs, play a game, or get lost in the scenery outside their window. It's a mini-adventure for them and a stress reliever for you.

Travelling via the train is also one of the greenest ways to get around the country. If you’re trying to keep your carbon footprint small, taking a train is a considerate choice you can make to offset some of the emissions of your flight.

By not driving or taking a taxi, you are helping to contribute to a more sustainable future.

How to Save on Your Train Tickets to the Airport

When it comes to costs, trains often offer a more budget-friendly alternative to driving. You save on fuel, skip the parking fees, and can take advantage of various ticket deals. This is especially beneficial for solo voyagers or couples.

With Avanti, you have the opportunity to save even more on your train travel.

Planning ahead is the first way you can cut costs. With our Advance Tickets, you can book your journey to the airport train station up to 12 weeks ahead of your departure. This could end up getting you a significant discount on your fare, potentially up to 75%.

The easiest way to stay up-to-date on these finite ticket offers is to sign up for our Ticket Alerts. This means we’ll automatically alert you as soon as we release our cheapest tickets.

Joining Club Avanti is another savvy move, especially as we will give you 10% off your next journey. You can also enjoy perks like free train tickets, discounts on food and drinks, and even complimentary hot drinks. We want to make sure you’re feeling refreshed ahead of your flight.

Using a Railcard can also reduce your travel costs significantly. These cards offer up to 1/3 off on rail travel for wide groups of people. With options including a 16-25 Railcard, Family & Friends Railcard, and the Senior Railcard, be sure to check if you can get one.

Opting for an Off-Peak Ticket is another simple yet effective way to save. Travelling outside rush hours not only means cheaper tickets but also a more relaxed journey.

With all these ways to save money on your rail fare, we can make your journey to the airport convenient, comfortable and cheap.

Download Our App

For an effortless trip to the airport, download the Avanti West Coast app. Book the cheapest tickets with ease, change journey details on the fly, and enjoy the convenience of e-tickets right in your wallet.

With multiple payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, enjoy booking that’s both flexible and secure. We’ll even keep you updated with real-time train tracking and seat availability, ensuring a smooth ride every time.

Your ideal travel companion, the Avanti app is here to make every step of your journey more relaxed and enjoyable.