Trains to Hadrian's Wall

Embark on a journey back in time to Hadrian’s Wall, a testament to ancient engineering and a window into Roman Britain.

Spanning the width of Northern England, this UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a blend of natural landscapes and history. It is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

How to get to Hadrian’s Wall

Visiting Hadrian’s Wall is a journey through some of Britain’s most scenic countryside.

Taking a train to Hadrian's Wall, the nearest major railway stations are Carlisle and Newcastle, which are well connected to the rest of the UK. From either station, the AD122 Hadrian’s Wall bus links directly to various points along the wall during the tourist season.

Visitors can also hire a car or join a guided tour. This will provide you with both transport and expert insights into the wall’s history and significance.

What to do at Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is a treasure trove of archaeological sites, ancient ruins, and stunning landscapes.

Explore well-preserved Roman forts like Housesteads, Vindolanda, and Birdoswald. Here you can immerse yourself in the lives of Roman soldiers and see rare artefacts including altars, jewellery, and weapons which have been excavated from the forts.

The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre offers interactive exhibitions and an accessible rooftop. With its panoramic views of the landscape, it is a perfect starting point for your adventure.

For families, Hadrian’s Wall is an educational playground.

Engage young explorers with a visit to the Roman Army Museum. Here there are interactive displays and 3D films that bring the history of Rome's military to life. Children and adults can even try digging at certain archaeological sites for a hands-on experience of uncovering the past.

Throughout the year, each of the forts holds workshops and events. These will include everything from reenactments and seminars to falconry demonstrations and other hands-on events for kids.

There is also plenty for the adventurous at Hadrian's Wall. For example, the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail offers a challenging yet rewarding hike across the entire length of the wall. But for less-experienced walkers, there are shorter segments of the Hadrian's Wall walk.

Cyclists can also enjoy the Hadrian’s Cycleway. This route runs parallel to the wall, showcasing the region's natural beauty and historical sites.

About Hadrian's Wall

Constructed under the reign of Emperor Hadrian in AD 122, Hadrian’s Wall stretched approximately 73 miles from coast to coast. It controlled the movements of people between the Roman province of Britannia and the territories to the north.

Hadrian's Wall was not just a defensive structure, though. It was also a vibrant, multi-cultural frontier sprawling with life and commerce.

Soldiers from across the Roman Empire manned its walls, including Belgians, Dutch, and Syrians. This shows the empire's diversity, as the wall contributed to a mix of architectural styles, languages, and customs.

Today, it stands as a symbol of Roman Britain's far-reaching influence and architectural ingenuity. The wall's route takes you through diverse landscapes, from urban sprawls to tranquil countryside.

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