Season Tickets

The best way to save for frequent travellers

Season tickets

If you make the same journey three of four times a week, a Season Ticket is the best way to save. Right here you'll find out more about the benefits of travelling with a Season ticket in your pocket:

More for your money

With unlimited travel on your most frequently used route, a Season Ticket can help you to save big. It makes sense to invest if you make the same trip at least 3-4 times a week.

Buy once, travel often

Always forget to book in advance? With our Season Ticket, you don’t have to. Simply choose the two stations you travel between, buy your Season Ticket online or from one of our stations and then travel the route to your heart’s content.

No-fuss travel

There’s no need to wait in line at the kiosk when you’ve got a Season Ticket. Just show us your ticket and photo ID to skip the queues and hop straight on board for fuss-free travel to your destination.

Which Season Ticket is right for you?

Whether you have a daily commute to work, have a short-term project that means you need to be in the same place every day, or just have a favourite spot to head to at the weekends, a Season Ticket can help you to make massive savings.

Rather than buying individual train tickets every time you want to travel, a Season Ticket will save you time and money - leaving you with more of both to grab a coffee for the journey or explore your destination.

7-day Season Ticket

Perfect for daily commuters, a 7-day Season Ticket gives you unlimited travel on your chosen route for a full week. If you don’t travel every single week, this is a good option for you. The benefits include:

  • Travel at any time of day, even during peak hours.
  • Save money compared to buying daily tickets.
  • Travel via any permitted route.
  • Download your ticket to your phone for quick and easy travel.

Monthly Season Ticket

Enjoy even bigger savings with a monthly Season Ticket, allowing you unlimited travel between two destinations for a full month. The benefits include:

  • Cheaper than buying four weekly tickets.
  • Travel via any permitted route.
  • Travel at any time of the day.
  • Get a digital ticket straight to your phone.

Annual rail pass

The best-value option for regular travellers, an annual rail pass gives you 52 weeks’ travel for the price of 40 already-discounted weekly tickets. Other benefits include:

  • Unlimited travel between two destinations.
  • Travel via any permitted route.
  • No restrictions on the time you can travel.
  • Download your ticket to your phone.

Custom Season Ticket

If you need more flexibility, we’ve got just the ticket for you. Choose a custom Season Ticket when you need to travel between two destinations for longer than a month but less than a year. Benefits include:

  • Savings when compared to buying individual tickets.
  • Flexibility to book a Season Ticket that works for your situation.
  • Unlimited travel between two destinations.
  • No restrictions on travel times.
  • Download the ticket to your phone.

Flexi Seasons

Commute, your way, with the new Flexi Season tickets.

Fewer days in the office? Flexi Season may be just the ticket. 

Choose WFH Wednesdays or face-to-face Fridays. Flexi Season tickets have arrived. 

Find out more about Flexi Season tickets here

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