Protecting fare paying customers

The vast majority of customers pay the correct fare for their travel. However, fare evasion still costs the rail industry an estimated £240 million a year. Not only is fare evasion unfair on customers who pay the correct fare, but this money could also be reinvested into the network - making your journey, and our service, better.

The purpose of revenue protection is to provide value for money for our customers through identifying fare evaders and tackling ticketless travel in a fair but firm manner. Our aim is to ensure that everyone pays the correct fare for their journey.

If you are unsure about what ticket to purchase, the validity of your ticket or have any other questions, please speak to our station staff before boarding a train - they will be happy to provide guidance and support.

Read our full Revenue Protection Policy

Unpaid Fares Notice and Ticket Sales

If you would like to appeal an Unpaid Fares Notice that has been issued to you, you should do so within 21 days of receiving the notice. To ensure fairness, appeals are not handled by Avanti West Coast and are administered by an independent appeals body. The independent appeals process is impartial. Appeals must be made in writing to:

Appeals Service
PO BOX 267
GU32 9FH


Complaints about ticket sales will be dealt with if you bought your ticket from a Avanti West Coast sales point (booking office, ticket machine, staff member, website or app). Complaints about tickets bought from third party retailers or other train companies should be directed to them.