Trains to Venue Cymru 

Venue Cymru in Llandudno is the heart of North Wales' arts scene, hosting a diverse mix of performances and events.

Choose an Avanti West Coast train for a hassle-free trip to this cultural hotspot. Here's your travel guide and a hint of the entertainment in store.

How to get to Venue Cymru

For visitors travelling by train, Venue Cymru is a short 10-minute walk from Llandudno train station. Upon exiting Llandudno Junction Station, turn left and proceed along Vaughan Street. This will eventually merge onto Mostyn Broadway.

Continue walking down Mostyn Broadway, and you'll find Venue Cymru on your left.

The venue is also a short walk from Llandudno town centre, making it easily accessible for those arriving from different parts of the town.

What to do at Venue Cymru

A cornerstone of Llandudno’s vibrant arts scene, Venue Cymru stands as a beacon of entertainment in the town. It promises a varied tapestry of performances, drawing visitors with its wide array of shows.

From the dramatic flair of musicals to exciting concerts, every event speaks to a facet of the arts. For those drawn to stories of old and new, plays take centre stage and bring gripping tales to life.

If your passion lies in the realm of knowledge, the Venue Cymru’s events include enlightening lectures in the arts. Here, experts share insights, from the graceful art of dancing to the meticulous craft of acrobatics.

Celebrity talks provide a rare chance to delve into the minds of some notable figures. They offer tales and experiences that are both enlightening and entertaining.

When the festive bells of Christmas toll, the venue comes alive with pantomimes. Venue Cymru is always offering seasonal events, from Halloween shows to Easter celebrations.

Throughout the year, this Llandudno theatre also hosts creative workshops. Here you can take part in hands-on experiences in crafts and more.

About Venue Cymru

As a cultural mainstay of Llandudno’s arts scene for over a century, Venue Cymru enjoys a storied history.

Although now named Venue Cymru through a competition in 2007, its start was as the Victoria Palace in 1894. It hosted renowned performers of the time, such as Sir Charles and Lady Hallé.

By 1900, it transitioned into the Llandudno Opera House and then the Hippodrome soon after that. During this era, it hosted varied events from roller-skating to dance shows.

In 1916, Will Catlin acquired and renamed it the Arcadia. With 1,147 seats, it became a cornerstone of Llandudno's entertainment, famous for Catlin's pierrots. It existed as the Arcadia until its closure in 1994 and was eventually demolished.

The adjacent Aberconwy Centre emerged in 1982 and evolved into the North Wales Theatre and Conference Centre by 1994. In 2005, extensive renovations expanded the site, resulting in a combined facility capable of hosting over 5,000 attendees.

It is this revamped establishment, complete with all its modern amenities, that is the Venue Cymru of today. After all these years, it remains a beacon of Llandudno's dedication to the arts and culture.

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