Free WiFi Onboard

With Avanti West Coast, WiFi is now completely free, so you can enjoy more swiping, liking and typing on your comfortable Avanti West Coast train journey.

Stay connected while you're on the move

Step 1


Select the Avanti_FREE_WIFI under WiFi on your device.

Step 2

Settings icon

Follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 3

Surf the web icon

Surf the web and enjoy

Made for browsing

Our onboard WiFi is perfect for surfing the web, you'll find you can coast the West Coast Main Line whilst catching up on the latest news, listening to our Spotify Playlist or watching our Feel Good Travel advert on YouTube.

Track my train

We’ve launched a new onboard service which lets you follow the live progress of the train you’re on. Whether you’re whizzing past Watford, tilting past Tamworth, or just pulling up to Preston – you’ll know exactly where you are during your journey. Track My Train is available onboard after logging on to our free WiFi. It keeps tabs on the live updates of your journey and not only tells you where you are, but when you can expect to reach your destination with up-to-date times including any disruption.

Got the FEEL GOOD TRAVEL vibes?

There are plenty of reasons to FEEL GOOD about travelling on our trains. From fast and frequent intercity services to the freedom of ordering food and drink from your seat.

And if you're in the mood for some music, roll on down the page to listen to our top tracks and toe-tapping tunes.


Where can I access Avanti West Coast WiFi and how much does it cost?

What Speeds do I get and are there any restrictions?

Are there any other times it may run slower?

Why do I keep losing WiFi connection?

I'm having problems accessing the Wi-Fi on my AWC train. What should I do?

Is it secure?

I'm not happy with the service, how do I complain?

Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions

Station WiFi 

You can also get online at our stations, absolutely free. Station WiFi is available at the following stations: