Your Avanti West Coast complaint – what to expect

We do everything we can to get our service right every time, but things don’t always go to plan. Avanti West Coast takes every complaint seriously and we try to respond as quickly and effectively as we can. Visit our Contact Us page for details about how to contact Virgin Trains or Avanti West Coast.

Making a complaint to the Avanti West Coast Customer Resolutions Team

Our Customer Resolutions Team is there to help you and there are several ways to get in touch:

Call: 03455280253
If you’re a textphone user, please call us on: 03330002385

Write to:
Avanti West Coast
Victoria Square House
Victoria Square
B2 4DN

*Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate at 01 and 02 numbers from landlines and mobiles and do not incur premium rate call charges.

Opening times:

Mondays to Friday 0830 to 1800
Saturday 0900 to 1600
Sunday closed. 
(closed 25/26 December).

When you call us outside the above times, an automated message will confirm that the department is closed and advise of the above opening times.

The team will undertake a full and fair investigation into your complaint before responding to you. If you have provided a contact phone number, they may call you to resolve your complaint over the phone or to obtain further information if needed to investigate your complaint fully. We will aim to do this within 14 days.

Taking your complaint further

We’ll always try to resolve your complaint promptly and fully, but if you are unhappy with our response you can contact us again and a manager will review the complaint and our response.

This process will be carried out as quickly as possible. You will usually be contacted by one of our Customer Resolution Team members (in writing) to share the findings of our further investigation. Escalating your complaint with us does not prevent you from also involving relevant passenger bodies or Rail Ombudsman as detailed below.

Railway Ombudsman

Please give us the opportunity to try to resolve your complaint. If you’re unhappy with the response you receive, and you are a consumer (i.e. your travel was not wholly or mainly within the course of your business) you have the right to appeal to the Rail Ombudsman. The Rail Ombudsman is there to help resolve on going disputes between us both. It’s free to use their services and they are independent of the rail industry. They don’t take sides, but just look at the evidence available. They will help us both to try to reach an agreement, but if this doesn’t happen, they will make a decision based on the evidence they’ve received. If you agree with their decision, then we have to act on what they say.

You can appeal to the Rail Ombudsman if:

 - you’re unhappy with our final response to your complaint which will be contained in a letter or email (sometimes called a ‘deadlock letter’);
 - or we haven’t resolved your complaint within 40 working days of receiving it; and
 - no more than 12 months have passed since we sent you our final response.

There are some complaints that the Rail Ombudsman won’t be able to look into, for example if it’s about the way one of our services has been designed or industry policy. If that’s the case, then they’ll contact you to let you know. If possible, they will transfer your complaint to another organisation that may be able to help you further, such as Transport Focus and London TravelWatch – the independent consumer watchdogs for the rail industry. They will independently review your complaint and where appropriate, follow things up on your behalf.

Rail Ombudsman contact details:

Website: (including online chat)
Telephone: 0330 094 0362
Textphone: 0330 094 0363
Twitter: @RailOmbudsman

The Ombudsman Contact Centre Team are available:

Monday to Friday 0800 – 2000
Saturday and Bank Holidays 0800 – 1300
(excluding Christmas Day)
Sunday - closed

More about our Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure

Find out how we deal with complaints, and how we try to put things right.

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Avanti West Coast takes every complaint seriously and we try to respond as quickly and effectively as we can. Read more about our complaints policy here.