Trains to Kirkham and Wesham

Kirkham and Wesham are two Lancashire towns that are served by a station that they share. Find out about travelling to and from the town here.

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The railway line from Preston to Blackpool cuts right between the neighbouring towns of Kirkham and Wesham in Lancashire, so it makes perfect sense for them to share a railway station. Both are small towns, with a combined population of around 10,000, but there’s a real sense of local pride around these parts. Surrounding the area it’s mainly agricultural land, and that’s the industry that led to their founding, so you’re never far from somewhere to buy some fresh produce.

For a pleasant place to live or shop halfway between the razzmatazz of Blackpool and the business of Preston, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more welcoming places in Lancashire than Kirkham and Wesham. And because they’re such small towns, you’re in the heart of things almost as soon as you step off the train. So here’s everything you need to know about trains and tickets to Kirkham and Wesham.

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Travelling to Kirkham and Wesham Station? You’ll want to know how long your journey will take. Here are the durations of some popular routes.

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Things to do in Kirkham and Wesham

Kirkham and Wesham are small towns so don’t expect fireworks if you’re visiting (except on 5 November, of course). The locals love the active town centres that are really handy for train users, so you can fill your shopping basket on a day in the town, or have a hearty meal on one of the pubs and cafes that dot the streets. The town has all the local amenities you’d expect, like a swimming pool, bowling greens and several old churches that are always a delight to look at.

You can, of course, hop on a train and head east or west to Preston or Blackpool respectively. The white-knuckle capital of the North needs no introduction, and Preston, is a busy city of 120,000, so has all the large stores and shopping areas you’d expect. Either way, you’re less than 20 minutes from the hubbub, although if it’s a pleasant afternoon in a historic town you prefer, you’re already there.

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Kirkham and Wesham Station Information

Kirkham & Wesham Station sits right where the two towns meet.

Kirkham & Wesham Station Information

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