Trains to Wellington

Wellington is a market town in Shropshire that’s easy to reach by train. Here’s all you need to know about travelling there – and what to do.

Sitting in the middle of a triangle formed by Wolverhampton, Stafford and Shrewsbury, Wellington is a bustling market town surrounded by typically English countryside. There’s been a town here for a thousand years, although it’s now dwarfed by its close neighbour Telford, which became one of the New Towns in the 1960s and 70s. Wellington is a great place to go on a shopping trip, particularly for its independent sector, and no visit is complete without a nosey around the market followed by a pub lunch or a coffee and a sandwich at one of the many cafes.

It’s really easy to reach from Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton, and has its fair share of commuters zipping between these places every morning by train. You might want to stretch your legs on a walk up the Wrekin after disembarking in Wellington – it’s a 400-metre hill just to the south of the town with commanding views over the surrounding area. Incidentally, Wellington in Shropshire has nothing to do with the famous Duke or, by extension, the boot – that’s a completely different Wellington near Taunton. And it definitely has nothing to do with the other famous Wellington, 18,700km away.

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Popular Avanti West Coast trains to Wellington

If you’re Wellington-bound, you’ll need to know how long your train journey will take. Here are some of the more popular routes to the town.

Fastest Journey Times

Travelling from...

Fastest time

Birmingham New Street to Wellington

43 minutes

Birmingham International to Wellington

56 minutes

Wolverhampton to Wellington

24 minutes

Shrewsbury to Wellington

12 minutes

Manchester to Wellington

1 hour 54 minutes

London to Wellington

3 hours 33 minutes

Stoke-on-Trent to Wellington

1 hours 11 minutes

Lancaster to Wellington

2 hours 11 minutes

Milton Keynes to Wellington

1 hour 56 minutes

Things to do in Wellington

As a market town, you’ve got to pay a visit to Wellington Market (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with additional openings in the festive period). It’s full of traders that will satisfy the bargain-hunter in you, as well as artisan stores and clothes shops. There’s also a cornucopia of foods and drinks to choose from in the delis and cafes that you’ll see – and smell – as you wander around. But the market is just part of the charm – there’s a pleasant mix of small shops and high street chains dotted around the pedestrianised town centre. It’s easy to spend a full day there.

If you’re energetic and appropriately dressed, take a hike to the top of the Wrekin. It’s the largest of a curious cluster of hills standing all alone in what is a relatively flat plain, which means you can see from horizon to horizon – indeed, on a clear day you’ll see the high rise towers of Manchester 90km to the north or Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham the same distance to the south. There are remains of an Iron Age fort near the summit, and an impressive radio mast to view. A fascinating fact is that if you travel directly east, you won’t reach a higher peak until you reach the Urals in Russia!

View from Wrekin viewpoint over Wellington

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Wellington Station Information

Looking for information on parking, Wi-Fi, toilets and accessibility?

Wellington Station Information

The link above tells you all you need to know about Wellington station.