Off-Peak & Super Off-Peak Train Tickets

Discover Off-Peak & Super Off-Peak Train Tickets, this ticket is a great way to save money on the full price fare. Book your ticket today with Avanti West Coast.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train times

What are Off-Peak tickets?

Off-Peak tickets are a great way to save money on a full price train fare. You can buy them at any time, then travel during the quieter periods. If you're not travelling to a tight deadline and can be flexible with your journey times Off-Peak tickets are perfect for you.

What times are Off-Peak trains?

Off-Peak trains travel at quieter times during the week, all day on Friday for those customers travelling to and from London Euston and at any time on the weekend.

*These times can differ depending on your departure station.*

What are Super Off-Peak tickets?

Super Off-Peak tickets offer even greater savings if you can travel at the quietest times and only on selected routes. They're available for travel between London, Birmingham, and Wolverhampton, including the stations in-between.

What times are Super Off-Peak trains?

Super Off-Peak trains travel at quieter times during the week and on the weekend. 

Beat the queues

Avoid rush hour for cheaper fares

Why brave rush hour if you don’t need to? Off-Peak tickets save you money on the full-price fare and give you a little bit more room to stretch out by avoiding busy commuter times. Perfect if you’re not travelling on a tight deadline.

You can buy Off-Peak tickets at any time. Just make sure you travel during the middle of the day, in the evenings, or any time on weekends. And because we all know weekends should start as soon as possible, our Off-Peak hours start from Euston departures from Friday. 

Still not sure whether Off-Peak is the one for you?


  • Semi-flexible, can be used on any Off-Peak service including any service at weekends
  • Fully refundable for a £10-a-ticket administration fee
  • Single or Return tickets available
  • Buy on the day 
  • No need to pick a return date, just return within 30 days of your outbound journey


  • First Class only available on selected routes
  • Outbound travel must be on a selected day


Book direct and collect 2 Nectar points for every £1 you spend. And no booking fees.

Nectar points

Fare for everyone.

If you're travelling on one of our trains,
you must have a ticket that's valid for travel on that service.
To make it fair for everyone, there are different ticket types available
and our team are onboard to help with any queries.

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