Trains to Glasgow Cathedral 


Visit Glasgow Cathedral, also known as St Mungo's Cathedral, for a deep dive into history and architecture.

This iconic Glasgow landmark is a treasure of Scotland's cultural heritage. By booking Glasgow Cathedral tickets, you can explore one of the UK’s notable destinations for history and architecture enthusiasts.

How to get to Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is easily accessible for train travellers. Once you arrive at Glasgow Central Station, the Cathedral is a short distance away.

From George Square, walk along Queen Street Station on North Hanover Street. Then turn right on Cathedral Street to Castle Street. This will take you directly to the entrance of the cathedral.

Alternatively, there are several bus routes from the city centre, including numbers 38, 38B, 57, and 57A, all stopping near to the Cathedral.

What to do at Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is not just an architectural marvel; it's a journey into Scotland's deep-rooted history.

The cathedral's stained glass windows, particularly the Millennium window by John K Clark, are breathtaking. These windows paint stories in light and colour, vividly depicting their historical narratives.

The crypt, dating back to the thirteenth century, is a significant historical site. It houses the tomb of St Kentigern, also known as St Mungo, Glasgow’s patron saint. This ancient crypt offers a moment of quiet reflection within the grandeur of the cathedral.

The cathedral's design is one of the best illustrations of medieval craftsmanship you will find in Britain. Features like the pulpit from the early fifteenth century and the Blackadder Aisle's stone ceiling capture the sheer artistic effort that went into crafting the building.

Visitors in September should consider attending the Glasgow Cathedral Festival. Inviting individuals across music, art and education, the cathedral becomes a dramatic stage for local and national talent.

A success since its start in 2016, it’s a captivating event that brings new perspectives and creative ideas to one of the city’s historic institutions.

About Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral is not only the oldest cathedral on the Scottish mainland but also the oldest building in Glasgow. It uniquely survived the Reformation of 1560 intact.

The site holds immense historical importance, marking the burial place of Saint Kentigern in 612 AD. The cathedral also has played a role in both royal and academic history. James IV ratified the Treaty of Perpetual Peace with England here in 1502, and the University of Glasgow began in its precinct around 1451.

Its architecture has evolved over the centuries, including the addition of post-war stained glass windows. Today, cared for by Historic Environment Scotland, it continues to be a place of worship and history that’s open to all.

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