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Carlisle has been a city of significance for centuries - and a force to be reckoned with. A thriving town before the arrival of the Romans, it has since become iconic for the location of Hadrian’s Wall, which represented the far northern edge of the Roman Empire.

After the Roman period, Carlisle constantly swapped hands, first between warring Scottish kingdoms, before the English invaded the region and incorporated Cumberland and Carlisle into England, signalling the beginning of the Anglo-Scottish wars. Even after the union of the crowns, the region was central to any trouble that came about, with Carlisle Castle continuing to act as a fortress all the way up until 1707.

Now cemented as the Great Border City, Carlisle is a place of natural beauty that attracts visitors from all over. So why don’t you hop on a train and dip your toes in a bit of history?

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Popular Avanti West Coast trains to Carlisle

Carlisle is a vital connection between the north and south so most of our popular routes go through here.

Fastest Journey Times

Travelling from...

Fastest time

Glasgow to Carlisle

1 hour 8 mins

Penrith to Carlisle

15 mins

Edinburgh to Carlisle

1 hour 14 mins

Preston to Carlisle

1 hour 6 mins

London to Carlisle

3 hours 17 mins

Lancaster to Carlisle

50 mins

Oxenholme Lake District to Carlisle

37 mins

Wigan to Carlisle

1 hour 21 mins

Crewe to Carlisle

1 hour 49 mins

Warrington to Carlisle

1 hour 32 mins

Things to do in Carlisle

When you arrive in Carlisle, your first port of call should be to Carlisle Castle. It’s one of the most active castles in British history due to the Anglo-Saxon war, and walking through the passageways and dungeons gives you a real insight into life during this era.

Carlisle Castle

Conveniently, you’ll find the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery across from the Castle. This is home to a variety of artefacts from the Roman era as well as several other collections that cover the Anglo-Saxon period and Carlisle’s rich social history. From here, carry on down Castle Street to Carlisle Cathedral, where you can admire the stained glass windows and gothic-style architecture from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Tullie House Museum and Art GalleryCarlisle Cathedral

If you’re only in Carlisle for a day trip, you can still manage to fit in a trip to Hadrian’s Wall, there are plenty of ruins that are easily accessible from the city to give you a sense of adventure. If you’re there for a bit longer, you can set out on a walk of the full stretch of wall to dive deep into a rich part of British history.

Hadrians Wall

For the smaller adventurers in your group, Walby Farm Park is an award-winning family attraction where kids can meet a range of animals including rabbits, sheep and even ponies. There are lots of activities throughout the city for all ages, so it’s not just a destination for those interested in medieval times.

Carlisle is a unique place to visit and you can get there from across the UK with Avanti West Coast, so get your walking boots on and join us for an adventure you won’t forget.

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