Trains to Penrhyn Castle

Penrhyn Castle is a significant slice of North Wales' history, drawing in many with its impressive structure and storied past.

Getting to the castle is straightforward when you choose to travel with Avanti West Coast. Here's how to make the trip, and what to expect when you set foot on the grounds.

How to get to Penryhn Castle

For visitors keen on exploring the grandeur of Penrhyn Castle, you’ll want to take a train to Bangor Station.

Once you arrive, the journey to the castle can be completed by a combination of bus and a brief walk. Start by walking a few steps from the station to the bus stop at Bangor railway station.

Here, you can board the T10 bus heading towards Corwen, and after a short ride, alight at Pen y Bryn. From this point, it's a scenic 25-minute walk to Penryhn Castle.

What to do at Penrhyn Castle

When you explore Penrhyn Castle, the impact of the Pennant family is everywhere. Take a moment to admire the art. You'll see paintings from big names like Canaletto and Rembrandt.

George Hay Dawkins Pennant had a vision of turning the castle into a special art showcase, and it shows. You'll also find beautiful Chinese wallpaper from the 1830s and unique furniture inspired by Asia.

For a deeper dive, consider joining a guided tour. The experts will share intriguing tales and facts about the castle. And the castle's distinct neo-Norman design is always worth a closer look.

If a quiet moment is what you're after, the gardens are a perfect escape.

Beyond its stunning interiors, the castle hosts events and workshops to educate and entertain visitors. And if you're feeling peckish, there's an opportunity to experience traditional Welsh flavours at the on-site café.

About Penrhyn Castle

The grandeur of Penrhyn Castle is due to the history of the Pennant family. They built their fortune through North Wales' slate industry and their sugar plantations in Jamaica.

The first Baron Penrhyn, Richard Pennant, was an MP for Liverpool. Apart from establishing the castle as the family seat, he also campaigned against the abolition of slavery. Throughout the estate, you can see the fruits of his investments in Jamaican estates and the Penrhyn Slate Quarry.

The castle's neo-Norman design was the brainchild of Thomas Hopper. He oversaw the design of its furnishings, integrating local craftsmanship into its making.

But Penrhyn's legacy isn't without contention. The 20th century marked a time of discord, particularly the Great Strike of 1900. This spotlighted the quarries' workers' rights and became Britain's longest-running industrial dispute.

In the 21st century, Penrhyn Castle has started to address its links to colonialism and slavery. It is also celebrated as part of the Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ways to save on your train ticket to Penrhyn Castle

If you're thinking of soaking in the history at Penrhyn Castle with your family, we have many opportunities for you to make savings.

Purchasing a Family Ticket can be a cost-effective option covering up to two adults and three children. If you're accompanied by youngsters under five, Child Tickets are available for them.

Another way to save is by using a Railcard, which can slice between a third and 60% off your total fare.

Considering travelling during Off-Peak hours can also be lighter on the wallet. Group visits with friends? Group Tickets might be your best bet. You can even plan ahead and use our Advance Tickets for further savings.

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