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Stockport Town Hall

Home to the famous glass pyramid and the unique hat museum, Stockport is a bustling town to the south-east of Manchester. As town and city have grown, they now meet, so it has the characteristics of both places – big name shops and businesses, but a homely, welcoming feel with plenty of local charm.

If you’re visiting Stockport, it’s probably on business or to hit the shops, but it’s a history lover’s haven, with buildings dating back to the Tudor age still standing amongst the more modern structures, and a strong industrial and crafting tradition that permeates everything. Day or night, you’ll always find something interesting to do, with entertainment laid on all around the town centre.

We’re here to help get you there and to do it in the best possible comfort at a fantastic price. The station is slap bang in the centre of town, accessed by a truly impressive arched viaduct that dominates the town. From more than 30 metres above the streets, it gives a fine view of the town on arrival and departure, but it’s also a stunning thing to see from below, so make sure you have a wander.

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Watch a newsreel or movie from any time before the 1960's and one notable thing jumps out – almost everyone was wearing a hat! Male and female fashion both started at the head, and it’s a tradition that dates back long before movies and photographs. So while the hat industry might seem quite niche nowadays, for most of British history it has been absolutely essential. And which town became most associated with hats? You’re a-head of us already … yes, it’s Stockport. So whether you’re interested in fashion, industry or culture, you simply have to visit Hat Works, Stockport’s wonderful hat museum.

Stockport townscape with houses and church in the background

To the North West of Stockport are the Heatons, which are Heaton Moor, Chapel, Norris and Mersey. Heaton Moor, in particular, has become the gastronomic centre of the town, with cafes, bars and restaurants popping up all the time, where you can often dine on a pavement table surrounded by verdant streets and lively conversation. It’s definitely worth a trip. You don’t have to venture out of town for a great pint and some fantastic food, of course – Stockport has plenty of bars and restaurants to tempt you.

Another fascinating piece of history is Stockport Air Raid Shelters, which were dug out of solid sandstone in the run-up to World War 2 – and what a wise thing to do that was. Now, you can have a fascinating guided tour of the tunnels, and pick up some mementos from the shop.

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