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Lancaster City

Lancaster is a truly historic place that dates at least back as far as the Romans, although it was probably not much more than a fort back then. Its place in history came much later, starting with the building of the castle in the 1200s – with plenty of other bits added and altered over the following centuries. It became the seat of the house of Lancaster, one of the two rival sides in the War of the Roses when the importance of the modern city was formed.

You’ll also find a vibrant university town in Lancaster, with modern campuses rubbing shoulders with traditional local architecture. It’s loved by the students as it’s a welcoming city with plenty of bars and nightlife but isn’t anywhere near as crowded as the universities of Manchester and Liverpool a few miles down the track. It’s also surrounded by coast and countryside for exploring, and the Lake District is just a short trip away by train or car.

The station is right in the heart of things, a stone’s throw from the castle and all the cafes, shops and businesses. It’s also pretty much on the coast, a short trip to Blackpool and the Lake District. So whether you’re coming for work, pleasure or culture, hop on the train to Lancaster and soak it all up.

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Popular Avanti West Coast trains to Lancaster

Lancaster’s right on the main line, about halfway between Carlisle and Manchester. Here are some key journey times.

Fastest Journey Times

Travelling from...

Fastest time

Preston to Lancaster

14 mins

London to Lancaster

2 hours 25 mins

Carlisle to Lancaster

46 mins

Glasgow to Lancaster

1 hour 56 minutes

Wigan to Lancaster

29 mins

Oxenholme to Lancaster

14 minutes

Warrington to Lancaster

40 minutes

Penrith to Lancaster

34 minutes

Edinburgh to Lancaster

2 hours 4 mins

Crewe to Lancaster

58 mins

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Lancaster Station Information

If you need to know about accessibility, parking, WiFi, toilets or anything else that’s vital to your journey, check out our dedicated page on Lancaster Station:

Lancaster station information

Things to do in Lancaster

A visit to Lancaster simply has to include a trip to the castle. You can take a guided tour or just wander around the grounds and climb the steps to see some fabulous views of the city and beyond. Then stop off for refreshments in the excellent cafe in the grounds. If everything looks almost pristine, it’s worth noting that this building was still being used as one of Her Majesty’s Prisons well into the 21st century. It’s now under the full stewardship of its owners the Duchy of Lancaster, though, so you don’t need to hide your file in a cake.

Lancaster Castle

If you’ve ever driven past Lancaster on the M6, you might have noticed an imposing monument at the top of a tree-covered hill. That’s the Ashton Memorial, and it’s the centrepiece of the beautiful Williamson Park on the East of the city. As well as perfectly kept gardens, there’s a butterfly house, mini-beast zoo, bird and mammal enclosures and a cafe and gift shop to pick up a snack and souvenir of a memorable day.

Williamson Park

As you’d expect in a city that’s full of culture, they love their food and drink around here, so you simply have to sample some of the wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes that are dotted around the city centre and beyond.