Delay Repay

Making it easier to claim compensation when your journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes.

What is Delay Repay?

Delay Repay is a national scheme that makes it easier to claim compensation when your journey is delayed.

You can claim Delay Repay if your journey with Avanti West Coast has been delayed by 15 minutes or more. Depending on the length of your delay, you may be entitled to compensation equivalent to all or part of your ticket cost.

Delays are calculated against the scheduled timetable on the day. The length of a delay is based on the time your train arrives at your destination compared to its scheduled arrival time, not the delay when you first set off.

All Delay Repay claims must be submitted within 28 days of the affected journey. Click below to start your claim:

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Claim compensation for your delay using our portal

If you had an Advance ticket and your journey with Avanti West Coast was delayed by more than 15 minutes then you can claim Delay Repay compensation via our portal. If you're an Avanti West Coast customer (you book your tickets via the Avanti West Coast website or app), you can sign up for Automated Delay Repay below. This means whenever your train is delayed, we will email you directly about your Delay Repay compensation (Automated Delay Repay is for Advance tickets only).

I want to register for Automated Delay Repay
If you book your Advance tickets direct with us and register for Automated Delay Repay using the link below then we will email you directly whenever your train is delayed and you are eligible for Delay Repay.

I want to login to my Delay Repay account
If you book direct with us and are already signed up for our Automated Delay Repay portal then you can login using the link below. You'll be able to see all the previous claims you've made and easily create a new claim if needed.

I didn't book with Avanti West Coast
If you booked your Avanti West Coast train ticket via another company (e.g trainline) then you can still claim Delay Repay if your journey was delayed by more than 15 minutes (You can only do this via our portal if your ticket was for a delayed Avanti West Coast journey). You can do this by registering for our Delay Repay portal. Sign up using the link below and make a claim:

Opting in

Once you have signed up for Automated Delay Repay (ADR) then remember to 'Opt-in' to receive emails about your Delay Repay compensation.

Our ADR system will identify if you're delayed by 15 minutes or more and create a claim on your behalf if you're eligible.

What happens next?

If you're delayed by 15 minutes or more we'll process a claim for you automatically within 24 hours of your journey. We'll then drop you an email asking you to confirm the details of your journey. Once you've confirmed your journey we'll process your payment. This can take up to five working days.

How to claim delay repay using our downloadable form

If you would like to make a claim using our downloadable form then you must make sure:

  • All fields are completed on the form - incomplete forms can mean it takes longer to process your claim.
  • You’ve provided all the correct information including ticket numbers etc. 
    Ensure the journey entered is the journey you intended to board - not the journey you took due to the delay. 
  • Ensure that your claim is being submitted to the right operator, i.e. Avanti West Coast. 
  • Once we’ve received your request, we’ll process it within 20 working days (though it’s usually much faster than this) and you’ll receive your compensation by your chosen payment method.
  • If the form doesn’t reach us, we won’t be able to process your claim, we therefore would recommend sending recorded/special delivery.
Downloadable Delay Repay form

Try to make sure you fill out all the details on the form as accurately as you can. This helps us process your claim faster.

Or, sign up for our online portal here: Avanti West Coast Delay Repay

How much compensation can I claim?

Below you'll find out more about how compensation is calculated.

Length of Delay (minutes)

Amount of compensation available for tickets purchased

Single ticket

Return ticket

Season ticket

15 - 29




30 - 59




60 - 119




120 or more




Of the cost of a Single ticket

Of the cost of a Return ticket

Of the cost of a Season ticket

How much compensation can I claim as a season ticket holder?

If your train is delayed and you’re a Season Ticket holder, you will be refunded the proportionate cost of the price of your Season Ticket. Your refund is worked out on an estimated number of Single journeys over the Season Ticket’s duration, as follows:

 - Annual Season Tickets - 464 Single journeys
 - Six-monthly season ticket - 240 single journeys
 - Quarterly Season Tickets - 120 Single journey
 - Monthly Season Tickets - 40 Single journeys
 - Weekly Season Tickets - 10 Single journeys

Delay Compensation Table
Period Volume of delay compensation Claims Received Volume of delay compensation Claims Approved Value of total delay compensation paid Average time for Claims to be processed in working days
Period 1
01/04/2023 - 29/04/2023
36,964 29,545 £742,206.34 2.12
Period 2
30/04/2023 - 27/05/2023
62,632 50,900 £1,657,247.26 2.17
Period 3
28/05/2023 - 24/06/2023
108,738 93,055 £3,005,761.58 2.27
Period 4
25/06/23 - 22/07/23
67,339 61,109 £2,303,086.41 2.23
Period 5
23/07/23 - 19/08/23
61,022 52,215 £1,830,262.96 2.25
Period 6
20/08/23 - 16/09/23
59,420 47,736 £1,496,356.31 2.51
Period 7
17/09/23 - 14/10/23
90,580 79,239 £2,641,444.41 1.98
Period 8
15/10/23 - 11/11/23
122,712 104,779 £3,774,046.04 2.54
Period 9
12/11/23/23 - 09/12/23
115,405 89,176 £2,847,674.06 2.4
Period 10
10/12/23 - 06/01/24
125,501 105,697 £3,731,548.72 4.18
Period 11
06/01/24 - 03/02/24
88,246 92,053 £3,414,581.10 3.84

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Delay Repay Previous Years

01 April 2022 to 31 March 2023

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